November 6, 2010

saturday movies

I mentioned it briefly before, but I have decided to establish Saturday my video day.  So if you don't watch blog videos, no need to check in on Saturdays :o).

This one makes me smile.  A lot.  And believe me, we have to work really hard for these laughs!

This video is a little bit older, I think it was taken a couple months ago.  She is kind of ridiculous.

And side note, this doesn't mean I won't sneak a video in to other posts, but I also have some that I think are fun, so I figured posting them on one day could work.

1 comment:

payettestork said...

I LOVE baby giggles!

Shelby has never gotten her foot in (or even to) her mouth. Guess her legs are too chunky? Either that or she doesn't like to eat feet!