April 13, 2011

a day in the life - kaley

Good morning blog world, I hope this Wednesday treats you well.  Let me introduce Kaley, who blogs over at rogue poags.  I hope you enjoy getting a peek in to her life!


hey! :) i am kaley from rogue poags and welcome to a day [or something like that] in my life! my husband and i have been married for almost five years, have a 22month old son named kullen and are expecting another baby boy in september! our typical day is pretty lame considering both me and adam work and spend the majority of the day away from kullen. that being said, i am taking you through a typical weekend.

[we are from the dc/metro area and are HUGE Washington Capitals fans!]

kullen wakes us up bright and early at 7am faithfully. we grab a quick breakfast, choke down some coffee [decaf for me, bleh] and get ready for our day! 

someone has crazzzzy hair first thing in the morning! ;)

9am - MyGym time! he is SO rowdy and loves that he gets away with it here! he also enjoys the company of other kids his age and learns to interact well with them.

11:15 - swim class! kullen absolutely loves the water! the only struggle we're having this year is his independence. he doesn't want mama to hold him anymore :( little does he know, he isn't grown and can't swim yet!

12pm - swim is over. typically we grab lunch and run errands but this particular weekend we had birthday parties on top of errands! we hustle around this afternoon and hit the birthday parties and get a few errands ran as well!

kullen grabs naps in between activities! must be nice, right!? :)

usually kullen spends everyday with this little girl at her house but this weekend, she came to visit us! gianna is one of kullen's babysitters children and he is absolutely in love with her!

after the hustle and bustle ends, we have dinner together and enjoy the 'just us' time! on the menu - fajita chicken with peppers, black beans, and cheese! i have aspirations of being a 'super healthy, organic' mama - but until then, this is normally the type of stuff that we eat! 

after dinner - hub cleans up and i throw [not literally!] kullen in the tub! one of his favorite parts of the day!

after his tubby - we get in our PJ's and cuddle in mama's bed for a while. another favorite part of the day [specifically mine]! after a long weekend, it doesn't take long for little man to pass out :)

1. What is the most surprising thing to you about being a mother?
how easy it came. pre-baby i was so nervous that i wouldn't be a good mom, or that i wouldn't know what to do. once he was born, all those fears went out the window. it's amazing how something so small can capture a heart so quickly. i'm also surprised at the amount of patience that i have. sometimes i want to rip my hair out but then he flashes a quick smile and my heart melts and i forget why i was mad/upset in the first place!

2. What are some tips you would give to new moms, or soon to be mommas?

BLOG! time goes SO quickly and i wish i would have started blogging sooner so i could keep a journal/diary/record of my little mans happenings when he was young! also - take pictures and video's! 

3. What are your top three baby products?
1. JJ Cole Diaper Caddy. the BEST present that i was ever given! it was SO nice to not have to walk up the stairs to get supplies for a diaper change. 
2. the Bouncer seat! kullen had one that vibrated and he LOVED it. he wasn't big on the swing but he would sit/lay in the bouncer for hours!
3. boppy! we used it for everything! feedings, changing, tummy time, 'sitting' - we both loved it! :) 


Thank you for sharing your day with us Kaley!


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Ashley, I love your Day In the Life series! It's always so fun to read each week:) Love your blog and your pictures of sweet Ryann! Keep up the weight loss, you're doing AWESOME!