April 19, 2011

photo dump

I feel like this is the only way I can share some of the photos I take of Ry.  They are definitely few and far between compared to how many pictures I used to take, but don't worry.  I still get plenty.  So I'll just throw them all at you at once.

First some pictures when we hung out with some other littler ones (and some pretty cool ladies) a couple weeks ago...


Oh how daddy and RyRy love hanging out on the bench.  Whenever they walk outside she starts getting excited and pointing at the bench.


This girl LOVES snack time.  She seriously has a party every time we ask her if she wants a snack.  And how cute is it that she almost ALWAYS crosses her feet when she is sitting in her high chair?


The secret how I convinced Ryann to stand up by herself and start walking?  Leave put her down in the grass and walk far enough away that she couldn't pull up on me.  She isn't necessarily a fan of crawling in the grass.  Ok so maybe this didn't really make her start walking, but it helped a bit.


Ryann was doing laps around the couch.  At one point she didn't come around the corner, and it was very quiet...

she was sad because she couldn't get another one out

I can't get over how cute it is to see her walk outside.  I have a feeling we will be spending a whole lot of time outside this summer.


That is all for now!


Nikki said...

I love how she's looking at her feet. YOu can almost see her thinking "OKay feet, don't fail me. This concrete will hurt if I fall." Very cute!

Amber said...

she is absolutely adorable!

Mrs. D said...

her facial expressions absolutely kill me! my fav is the one where she's holding the root beer! hahaha!!