April 11, 2011

six and twelve

I thought I'd actually start with the positive half of my post today.  Six weeks down, a lifetime to go on the path towards a healthier me.  TWELVE pounds down (2.6 last week!), sixteen more to go to get to my first main goal.  That is right, I actually lost an average of two pounds a week over the last six weeks.  I am surprised.  I'm so excited and proud.  I have freaking stuck with this new way of life, even while I'm sitting here watching my husband eat Tostitos and trail mix (sorry Chris).  Hopefully I can continue losing at this pace and in four more weeks I will have lost twenty.

The other awesomeness that happened this week?  I put on a pair of jeans a size smaller than what I've been wearing.  Before I was pregnant I was wearing a size 8 from Gap.  Although I dropped down to my pre-pregnancy weight shortly after Ryann was born, I ended up having to buy some 10's because my clothes just didn't fit right.  Sometime over the winter I had to buy some 12's.  That was pretty tough for me.  I'm happy I did, instead of just being miserable and willing my clothes to fit, but those were the biggest jeans I'd ever had to buy.  But last week I cleaned out my closet.  And there were a pair of 10's hanging around, so I tried them on.  THEY FREAKING FIT!  They still feel a little snug in the thighs, but I think that is because they are the long and lean (ironic right?) fit, and lately I've been liking the curvy fit, as well as the jeggings.  Anyway, yeah.  Woot!  I dropped a pant size.  I still don't feel like I look any smaller, but I must be making progress.

And back to being my negative nancy self.  This lifestyle change is incredibly tough to stick with.  To begin with, I love food.  I love tasty incredibly terrible for you food.  I am also a stress/emotional eater.  I've noticed that when Ry is having a good day (therefore I'm having a good day) I don't notice being hungry, and I don't really think about food.  If Ry is having a tough day (like the last two weeks when she was sick, or today when she didn't take a nap AT ALL) everything in the kitchen is calling my name, and I want to drive myself to McDonalds and get a six piece nugget and a large fry, and I want to down a bottle of wine.  I could definitely do a bottle of wine right now.  Oy.

But is so nice to see the number on the scale moving (in the downward direction).  And I can actually start to see a tiny bit of muscle definition in my thighs from all of the running and walking I've been doing.  So for now I am still convincing myself to stick with it.

Oh and for the record?  I'm also really loving the iMapMyRUN app I downloaded this weekend.  I really wanted to have an idea of how much ground I was covering when I was going for a walk with Ry, and this app tracks my route, pace and milage.  Being able to see those stats makes me want to go a little bit further and a little bit longer.  (I really wish I had been tracking all my miles for my workouts, because just last week I'm pretty sure I covered over 15 miles.  It feels good to see it add up!)  I paid for my version, because I have an excessive amount of credit on iTunes, but there is also a free version (with ads).

Who else is on this health kick/fitness bandwagon with me?  What has been working for you lately?  Get motivated by some other ladies over at Heir to Blair.


Karlene said...

Thanks so much for posting this! It gives me hope that someone like me is successfuly losing weight somehow. I would love to hear what has been working like what exactly you're eating and what your workouts are like. Or have you already posted that before? Again, thank you so much! I'm in a super weight loss funk and this has helped!

Bobi said...

It motivates me to hear your success! I am going through the same thing as I gained weight during my first year of marriage (no baby yet). I have lost 10.2 lbs! I like the feeling that somebody else is going through this starvation phase with me:)

PS - I have followed your blog for a while, before I found out that you know Abbey & Jamie H. We all went to high school together and are great friends. Looking forward to Baby H. on the way!

PSS- Love your blog!

Amber said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Im trying to get back on the wagon and drop a pant or two size. It really motivates me to hear your success and realize I can do it even with a child!

Michelle said...

Hii! Congrats on your success! I was just thinking about this last night and wondering if you use an app for couch to 5k. You may have mentioned it. Before but I don't recall!

I am on the journey to some weightless as well and it's not going quite as fast as yours but it's starting to look up! Also, love your blog, ALL of it! :)