April 25, 2011

oh the roller coaster

First off, we were at my parents house this weekend.  So I didn't have a scale (well I didn't have my scale, and I am fearful of someone else's scale because what if it is way different than mine, I might have a panic attack).  Therefore I didn't weigh myself.  I'm a little nervous that I am not going to like what it says.  When I weighed myself Saturday morning I was at 14.8 pounds lost.  But I baked cookies on Friday (which I ate a few of over the weekend), Sunday we went to Easter brunch (I did make some good choices, you know skipping the scalloped potatoes, rice, and a second roll, but I did eat a cream based soup and a helping of dessert), and Sunday night I made muffins to take to my bestie today (Happy Birthday Meaghan!!!!), which of course I had to eat one. 

ALL of that to say, I'm worried I will have gained weight this week.  I can be pretty disciplined during the week when we have no plans, but on the weekend I'm not always as good at saying no.    I always feel like I am on a roller coaster.  Sometimes I am really proud of my choices and what I'm doing, and other times I am kicking myself because I couldn't have more willpower and self control.

Oy.  Stay positive.  Stay positive.  Stay positive.

Easter morning my dad went running with me.  It was AMAZING to have a running partner.  I know I would be so much more motivated if I had someone to run with regularly.  Not to mention my dad told me I couldn't quit seeing as I was running with a senior citizen and would look like a whimp if he outran me :o).  Love you dad, and I really did love getting to spend time with you!

My 5k is in less than two weeks.  I so badly want to do well.  I've completed through week 8 day 2 on the C25K program.  Only 4 more runs to complete it (and probably just 5 before the 5k).  Woot!  Other C25K happiness?  My mom started the program today.  Hopefully you all can help me keep her motivated to keep trying it.  I am proud of you mom!

Was that all over the place?  I think it was.  Let's keep going with that theme.  Randomness...

Another shout out to my bestie, Happy Birthday Meg!  You seriously are the best.  (Don't forget to check out her lovely blog :o)

how cute are we?  :o) circa 1991 maybe
hahaha the start of our friendship

Also, if you missed it last week, I am participating in a March for Babies event this Friday (MY birthday!).  If you would like to donate to the March of Dimes and help support my team I would be ever so grateful.  Please go HERE to do so.  My team is only $15 away from meeting my goal.

To those of you who already donated, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  It means so much to me to have your support, and there are little babies out there thanking you too.

To top off my randomness, don't forget there is a little giveaway at the bottom of this post.  I am extending the deadline to 11pm CST tonight, so you have less than three hours to enter!

Whew.  Ok chocolate frozen yogurt topped with raspberries (ugh, and a little bit of work) are calling my name.


Amber said...

I think you are doing a great job on your weight loss and just remember that we all have ups and downs! Keep up the good work!

Jeane said...

I second that... you are doing a really good job on your weight loss! I wish I would be as disciplined as you. I've been trying to lose the last 10 pounds from my last pregnancy but I just can't resist to eat candy and junky food. I do cook pretty healthy during the week but have the same "weekend problem" like you do ;-)

This is SO great that your mom is starting the program as well. Soon your dad, mom and you can run races together. How fun!

Me said...

Thank you so much for the Bday shout out!!! I feel SO loved. Really. You are the greatest friend, so glad to call you mine :) Thanks also for the wonderful surprise visit and goodies.

Keep up the great work! You look absolutely beautiful. You're doing great!