April 24, 2011

the ryann dictionary

Ryann has been repeating and/or saying so many words lately, that me and the hubs decided it was about time to document them.  So here are the words she says (with a definition if necessary):

mowr = more
awh-dun = all done
hewp = help
byeeeee (with a ridiculously high pitched voice)
buh = book
ba = ball
unidentifiable noise that starts with a b sound = balloon, or bird, or possibly bench
buhb = boob
bah-pul = bottle
pup pup = dog or puppy
mow = kitty cat
ah ah = monkey
eg or hawk = jayhawk
unch = lunch
up-dairs = upstairs
elw-bow = elbow
elw-mow = elmo
mammy = grammy
papa = grandpa
utter = shutter
fow-er = flower
hun-ry = hungry
cra-ker = cracker
ack = snack
chez = cheesecake (oops)
cawr = car
heh-vee = heavy
bak-berry = blackberry
ah-mal = animal
care-ee = scary
ain-ge = angry
on-ry = ornery
irk-le = circle
gar = guitar
ance = dance
wuhv = love

She signs more, all done, and help when she says them.

She also says two different names (apparently you guys win):
En-zee = Kenzie

By far the best thing Ryann has said all week... we were at Easter brunch today.  We forgot to take Ryann's bib with us so I told Chris not to give her the blackberries that he had grabbed off the line for her.  We gave her some blueberries and everyone went along their merry way.  Ten minutes later she realized there were blackberries on the plate and she said, "bak-berry! bak-berry! yeahhhh!"  I about died laughing.

Don't worry, we let her have the blackberries, she earned them.

I know this list will continue to grow and grow, to the point that I can't even count all of the words and names she says.  And the words will change and they will become much more understandable.  But right now I am so impressed with her language and absolutely love it.

Happy Easter :o)


Melissa said...

Wow!! She's impressive!!
Alice knows a lot of signs, but isn't saying NEARLY as many words.
I can't wait for her to really start talking. :)

The Bignon Family said...

Holy cow!!!! That is a lot of words! You have a little smarty pants on your hands :)

Anonymous said...

Holy cow. That is a ton of words!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she says all that! Shelby hardly says a thing. I love how different kids are from one another.

Hanna said...

I feel very special :-) I can't wait to see her again, I'm sure by that time she will have everyones names mastered

Meg said...

:) love she knows what cheesecake is!

Erin said...

Whoa, that is crazy!! What a little genius :)

Ashley said...

wait until she says something she's not suppose to like crap! that was Lilly's new word this week. She wanted chocolate milk, Tyler told her sorry Lilly not in your Easter dress and she replied "ohhh crap"---lovely!