April 8, 2011

this and that

::  First off, I didn't get around to embracing the camera yesterday.  Well actually we embraced it, I just never posted it.  Aren't they lovely?  It was day four of no make-up and bad hair for me, and day who knows being sick for Ry. 

how awkward is her face in that one? (ok really both of them)

::  When Ry is not feeling well (tired/teething/just plain grumpy) there are a few things that keep her a bit more chipper... being outside, 'brushing' her teeth, carrying around the batteries from the remote, and of course, doing laundry.

I so wish I had been another few inches back, I love her standing on her little tippy toes!

::  No real progress to report on Ry walking.  She is definitely getting more sturdy, and wants to be walking all the time, but she isn't brave enough to do it yet.  Lately she only crawls if she absolutely has to, otherwise she just grabs your hand and drags you around.


::  Ryann's sleeping habits lately have been ridiculous.  One day she'll sleep more than fourteen hours, and the next she barely makes it past a total of ten.  I'm blaming it on the being sick and as always, teething, but I think we really might be needing to cut back to one nap.  It is just so hard to tell if she isn't napping (or sleeping well at night) because she is sick.  The morning I took this one, the little booger had been up since 4am.  She absolutely would NOT go back to sleep.


::  Ry and JT have hung out a bit.  I think they have been passing germs back and forth throughout the last month.  One week one of them is not feeling so hot, the next week it is the other one.  But we love hanging out with our Jenn and JT!

dude, back off my lunch.

::  And a couple more photos... trying out her bike for the first time (a birthday gift from her Grammy and Grandpa), and hanging out in JT's swing.  Can you tell it was getting close to nap time?  I thought she was going to fall asleep in the swing.


::  Lastly, just because I'm so freaking proud, I ran 25 minutes straight today.  My speed stayed between 5.2 and 5.4 mph, but I'm hoping after another couple longer runs, I can try to increase it a bit.  I am signing up for a 5K that takes place on May 8th, and I hope to run it in 35 minutes or less.  I think my fastest 5K time was somewhere around 32 minutes, and I even walked a bit during that one, but I'm trying not to reach too high.  We shall see!


Me said...

Such cute pictures! I love how you can see Ry's hair getting little curls :) And the bike- she looks like such a big girl!!

Congrats on the running! I need to get my booty moving...

Mrs. D said...

My goodness, she is such a big girl.

She is more adorable than ever.

Ellen C said...

what kind of bike is that? it looks great and my daughter would love one!

love your blog!

Erin said...

Ooh, I love all these photos, especially the ones of her doing laundry! So cute :)

Jeane said...

She is so adorable. Her face in the first two pictures is priceless :-)

And congrats on running 25 min straight. My first 25 min run will be on Sunday and I'm a little afraid. I am SO slow and I can't get more than 4.8 mph.

Good luck on the 5K in May! You'll have so much fun.

Trulie Scrumptious said...

oh your family is so cute. LOVE your blog! my sis and I just started a blog of our own and would LOVE if you were our newest blog friend and follower...
hope to see you soon!

Our Family of Four said...

Love the pictures!