April 14, 2011

embrace the camera + she's walking!

I really wanted to get a picture of Ry walking to me, because as of this week I would officially consider her a walker.  But it didn't happen.  Are you surprised?  I bet not.  She enjoy a couple of awesome iPhone pics of the two of us, as well as a video of the wee one strutting her stuff.

Oops.  Cut off my face.  But oh those baby blues.  Those blue eyes get so much attention everywhere we go.  They definitely melt my heart.


This is 100% accurate as to how my kisses usually go over.  I lovingly go in for the smooch, she not so kindly rejects me and gives me the stink eye.  I still love her :o).


And the little missy cautiously playing today!!

I apologize for the awkward half scream in the middle there.  Who knows what that was about.  Isn't she cute though?  So timid.  But as long as she has been walking while holding my hand, I am pretty confident that she is sturdy.  I'm sure she will pick up speed in no time!


Baby Shopaholic said...

Love it! I lover how she does her hands while she is walking!

Kelly said...

I just posted a video about my son on my facebook called "He Walks!" hahaha They waddle exactly the same. So cute! Congrats baby Ryann =)

Amber said...

Love her eyes too! It's so cool that she is walking! It's amazing when babies learn new things! Good job Ryann!!

Erin said...

Way to go Ryann!! I'm so jealous :) Love her blue eyes too - Annie's eyes also get SO much attention when we're out and about!

Konnie said...

cute!! That place you were at looks fun! Was it a MyGym type thing?

Nikki said...

THat is adorable. I love how she still walks with her hands out like she's holding on to your hands.

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Yes, those baby blues are beautiful! Way to go Ryann! :)

Melissa said...

Go Ryann, go!

I, too, posted a "She walks!" video today. Great minds think alike!