April 17, 2011

iphone pics

I felt like I hadn't uploaded a bulk of pictures from my iphone for a while, so I thought I would and share.  Then I realized not only had I not shared any for a while, but I had made another collage of iphone pictures back in February that I neglected to post.  So here is an overwhelming number of pictures from the iPhone.


I can tell that set is old.  I mean come on, she is wearing a hat.  I can't get her to leave a hat on for more than two seconds now (little does she know I will basically be duck taping one to her this summer.  Sorry my little blondie!).


This set basically encompasses the last two weeks.  Minus the few that I realized were missing after I uploaded it.  See below.  Notable pictures in this set... 2nd row 1st column:  We are bouncing between a two nap and one nap schedule.  This particular day I thought we were taking one, but apparently she passed out in the stroller during our walk.  3rd row 2nd column:  She loves to sit on the counter while I do my hair and make-up now.  Sometimes she helps put my powder and blush on :o).  4th row 3rd column:  As much as she hates hats, everything is a hat now.  Especially bowls.  6th row 3rd column:  This week I had to work while Ry was awake (I try to never do that) in order to get a set of invitations done.  She showed her feelings about that by slamming her toys down on top of what I was doing.

I wanted to include these pictures, just because she is cute:


And this picture... this is what was happening while I was trying to pee.  Oh the joys of a box of tampons.


I told you.  Overwhelming number of photos.  I'm a little bit sorry, but not really :o). 


Tysie said...

Her toothy grin is seriously the cutest thing ever!

Boni said...

What is it with kids and tampons!? My youngest, Catherine, carried around a box for an entire morning the other day. Luckily, I tricked her into leaving it at home!

Sharstin said...

adorable! love all the picts, and i cannot believe she is walking!! so fun~