April 26, 2011

this and that

::  First off, congrats to the winner of the design files from Ryann's party.  Comment #15, Kim!

::  Easter was pretty uneventful.  We didn't go to Church because Ryann was napping, but we did make it to brunch.  Which of course was delicious.  Some of my favorite pictures from Easter...


possibly suitable for awkward family photos?  seriously, with the cat Chris?  oy.

::  I weighed in this morning.  Exactly 15 pounds lost.  Bam.  And I ran 28 minutes straight today.  I am trying to embrace that and be proud of it.  I have a hard time being proud of myself.  I'm working on it.

::  I wish the interior of my house better reflected the look on my decorating board in pinterest.  Seriously.  There is nothing wrong with the way my home is decorated.  But more and more I feel like it has no real personality.  I love the pictures of rooms that really seem to have some personality and flair.  I'm working on that too.

Screen shot 2011-04-26 at 9.57.11 AM

::  Ryann's sleeping habits SUCK.  Seriously.  She was having a hard time falling asleep for her second nap of the day, so we tried one nap.  Except she couldn't really make it until 11:30am for a nap.  AND she sleeps for like 90 minutes.  AND she has an inability to sleep longer than 10 hours at night for some unknown reason.  So I have no idea what to do for her schedule.  Oh, and she has another tooth coming in.  Maybe that is the problem?  Teeth suck.  So does a 4:45am wake up call.  Not cool.

Over and out. 


Erin said...

I love her outfits and that super cute bunny cup!

The transition to one nap can be rough for awhile. We had to make sure to take Annie outside or do something not in the house mid-morning until she got used to it. She still won't nap a lot of the time more than 90 mins but thankfully she makes up for it at night. You know Ryann's just too busy talking up a storm to sleep :)

Nicole said...

I was just "invited" to join pinterest and am so excited to start checking it out when I have a free minute...whenever that might be!

Super sweet Easter dress!

Nikki said...

Congrats on the 28 minute run. You inspired me to push myself for a 5k last week at the gym. I had been wanting to do it but allowing myself to just quit after 30 minutes. Well last Wednesday I thought of you and completed the whole 5k.

Kyna said...

It is so uncanny how similar our daughters are! I went through the same exact thing napping thing with my daughter a few months ago when she dropped her morning nap. If you really feel that she is ready to drop that morning nap (I was), you just gotta do it...and it's gonna suck for about a month! My daughter took one, one hour nap for almost a month, and yes, she was crabby! But I powered through it, and she has now settled into one 2-3 hour nap a day and she goes down without a fight. She even asks to take a nap by running to her crib and grabbing her pacifier right around 12:00 every day!! :-)

Congrats on your run!!