December 2, 2011

a bit of an overload...

A photo overload that is.  I missed my embrace the camera post on Thursday, partly because I wanted to put up Ry's 20 month post, and partly because I didn't have any recent pictures to use.  Today Ryann and I had a little mirror photo session, and even though I recently shared some like this, I'm posting some more.  Because it is my blog and I can :o).

peekaboo :o)
I told her to kiss me, she licked me instead...
and then laughed hysterically about it
I told her I wanted to take just three more pictures...
as soon as she heard the camera click, "Dat was oooone"

For the record I had like 90 shots on my camera today.  So I spared you by only sharing 10.  You can thank me by bringing me a healthy home cooked meal.  I'm in a cooking rut.  Thanks.  :o)

Blogging may or may not be sporadic throughout the month.  I feel like it is going to get crazy and I don't want to make myself blog.  But who knows, I might have lots I want to share.  I just wanted to put it out there that I might not be around with any life altering content (HA!) this month.  Going to try and do my best to enjoy all of the fun this holiday season.

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Sharstin said...

Ah I love theseshots, two pretty girls!!