December 4, 2011

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I am beyond excited for December.  Crafting, baking, shopping, family, friends, presents, food, fun... seriously, what isn't to love?  Yeah, sure, all of it will totally stress me out, but I'm still so giddy about it.  And we had a pretty good week.  I think Ryann is starting to love all this holiday business too (umm, because it means chocolate and fun activities... and chocolate).


Sunday started off just as any Sunday should... browsing the ads :o).  Ryann of course perused the Toys 'R' Us flyer.  And can you see the cat in the second picture?  That is Nikki (or Mickey kitty if you're Ryann), my parents cat.  Ryann talks to her like they are friends.  No joke, she pushed that little shopping cart up to her and said, "Hey Mickey kitty, you like my shopping cart?"  While Ryann napped my mom and I got to work on my advent calendar.  My mom told me she is starting to get sick of MY 'easy' crafts that become her not so easy crafts.  Oops, sorry mom :o).  That evening Ryann and I trekked back home, Ryann was super excited to bust out her play-doh.  


Still haven't been able to make myself run outside in the cold.  I am due for a longer run.  My goal was 8 miles, but I just couldn't make myself stay on the treadmill that long.  Still not too shabby for a Monday morning.  Oh, I also learned that the gym treadmills automatically go into cool down mode after an hour.  Scared the crap out of me when the thing suddenly dropped down to 4 mph when I was finishing up with some 8 mph sprints.  Jenn and JT came over, and we bused out the play-doh again (I believe that will be a frequent theme this week... or month).  Oh, and Ryann was holding a grape up to her head and told me to say cheese.  She said it was her camera.  Whatever.  :o)  Ryann also loves to get out tons of books off her shelf for no good reason.


Tuesday morning Ryann decided she wanted to wear a headband.  She said mommy had to wear one too.  You know you want to hang with us.  And yes, this is a picture of my kid sitting on the potty.  But the sight of her butt naked sitting on her potty seat with that headband on was cracking me up.  Plus she was being a total goofball.  For some reason Tuesday I was in a bit of a funk, so after the gym I lit some candles, cranked up the Christmas music and cleaned while Ryann baked me some play-doh brownies.


Literally the first thing Ryann asked me for (even before her vitamins!) Wednesday morning was piggies.  It caught me off guard, and I had to oblige.  She absolutely adores the inflatable Santa at the gym.  So much so that she couldn't take her eyes off him while I was trying to take a picture.  One thing that has definitely not been lacking in our house this week, is toddler energy.  Seriously, she is going 100 mph nearly from the time she wakes up until I put her in the crib for nap and bedtime.  It is crazy.  And that awkward cheese face at Target?  She wanted me to make the elmo doll sing over and over and over again.  I said I would one more time if she would smile for a picture... uh, I guess I'll take it.


Whenever Ryann sees her lunch box out, she picks it up and says "Bye!  I going to school!  Bye!"  Cracks me up.  While Ryann was at school Thursday I got an early Christmas present from my mom, a cleaning company came over and made my house squeaky clean while we went out and did some Christmas shopping.  Apparently it took Ryann a while to fall asleep for nap that day, because she was still out cold when we went to pick her up.  And was pretty out of it for the next half hour or so, poor sleepy baby!  She rallied and helped me get out some Christmas decorations, and surprise surprise, played with her play-doh.


Friday morning I started on the treadmill with a quarter mile warm-up, and then ran a 5k in just about 27 minutes (I forgot to make a note of my start time, whoops).  I wish I had the drive to sign-up for a 5k to test my speed on a real road, but the fact that the high has only been 45 or less (meaning it is less than 40 at race start times!) has been incredibly discouraging.  Oh well, at least I know I AM getting faster!  After the gym we met up with Sarah and the twins for a little playdate at the mall.  How cute are they in awe of the carosuel?  Ryann got to ride it for the first time, and absolutely LOVED it.  Then we wandered a couple stores including the American Girl Doll Store.  She wanted to take all the bitty babies home with her.  That evening we got our craft on.  I decided a couple of paper 'gingers' would be the perfect holiday craft for Ryann.  Obviously I did most of the real work, but I put down glue for the pom balls and she picked her colors.  I like that a green one randomly popped up in both the rows.


What did the advent calendar have on the agenda for us today?  Breakfast with Santa!  Sarah invited us to go with her and her sisters (hi Amy and Amber!) to a little holiday shindig at her XXXXXX's work.  Ryann got a balloon kitty (errrr it was supposed to be a kitty, but you really couldn't tell), a chocolate doughnut and even sat on Santa's lap.  After I bribed her with chocolate of course.  Bad mom, bad bad mom...  I think Ryann had a good time, and it was a fun little treat on a day that Chris had to work for 16 hours.  Thanks for inviting us Sarah!  When we got home Ryann inventoried her goody bag loot, and repeated over and over again, "Mommy says no more chocolate.  Noooo, no more chocolate."  And then would look at me with pleading eyes hoping I'd change my mind.  Sorry kiddo, no such luck.  Later she played with, duh, play-doh while I put together a pizza.  I used wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe's, it turned out pretty good!  And seeing as I made a giant pizza for Ryann and I, we have plenty of leftovers :o).

Has your December started off well?  I'm hoping all this fun continues!!

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