December 17, 2011

oh hello there.

Well, apparently I took a little break.  I knew it would happen this month.  There is just too much going on to spend a large chunk of time editing photos and writing!  I do have a bit of time right now, so I thought I'd sit down and recap some funny things Ryann has said this week.

::  On Monday we had to make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby.  I was in the mood to craft, but short a small wooden 'B'.  I know, what am a talking about... I'll get to that in the next couple of days.  Anyway, since we only needed one thing, I decided to browse for a bit of course.  Ryann was talking her own ear off and randomly singing songs.  All of the sudden she started shouting at the top of her lungs, "J - E - S - U - S!  J - E - S - U - S!" to the tune of Bingo.  I about died laughing.  I figured if there was anywhere to be shouting Jesus at the top of your lungs, Hobby Lobby was the place.  I asked at school, they sang it last week :o).

::  Ryann has really started to enjoy tucking in her baby dolls.  She gets them tons of blankets and buddies to sleep with.  One evening she had them all snuggled in and ready for bed, and said to them, "Good night.  Sleep tight.  Sweet dreams! ... And don't climb out and don't touch the light switch.  Good night!"  She has been paying attention when I tuck her in!

::  Speaking of tucking in her babies, it was maybe the following evening and she was getting them all ready for 'bed' again.  She brought over one doll, and then grabbed another (Baby Sarah I think :o).  She said she needed to give the baby a good night kiss, I told her to go for it.  She gave the doll and giant smooch and a big "I love you!"  After laying baby Sarah down next to the others and covering them up, we asked her if they needed a lullaby to go to sleep.  Ryann started singing 'you are my sunshine' and slowly went down the row patting each babies face and making sure they were tucked in just right.  My heart was exploding from all the cuteness, Chris could barely stand it either.  Obviously you had to be there, but it was quite possibly the cutest thing she has ever done.  It was so sweet!

::  Even though she has been extra sweet lately, I swear Ryann also sounds like a thirteen year old.  She was in her booster seat having breakfast or snack or something, and I decided to tickle her toes.  Without even glancing up at me she sternly said "Leave the toes alone, MOM."  With a big emphasis on the mom.  Are you kidding me?  First of all, when did I become Mom?  I am mommy or mama thank you very much.  And the sass!  My goodness!

::  The other day when I picked Ryann up from the childcare center one of the girls stopped me.  She told me that Ryann had been talking to a little boy about her age.  Apparently Ryann said to him "I can't understand what you're saying.  Sorry," and walked off.  :o)

::  A not so funny Ryann thing this week?  It has been bloody nose central around our house.  Twice earlier this week she woke up from nap with a bloody nose, I'm assuming thanks to the dry air.  We put a humidifier in her room and everything was fine and dandy again.  However yesterday when I picked Ryann up at the gym, the guy at the desk said, "Oh, um, I was just about to page you.  She's in the boys bathroom with (some name I can't remember), she has a bloody nose."  Apparently she had taken a face first dive off some mat/cushion thing.  Kids fall, it happens, but seriously, with the bloody noses!  Sheesh.

But oh it gets better.  My sorority sister, Jess, was in town this weekend, and was able to swing by for a little bit yesterday (hooray!).  Ryann was still napping when she got there, but woke up after a bit.  On the monitor I could tell she was trying to rub stuff off her face, and knew her nose had started bleeding again.  But I wasn't expecting what I saw when I opened the door.  There was blood everywhere.  All over her, her clothes, the sheets, the bumpers... everywhere.  Poor Jess hadn't seen Ryann since she was born, and ended up having to help me strip her down and get her in the bath while her nose continued to drip blood like a bad leaky faucet.  Thankfully it did stop, but the poor girl.  Ryann was so out of it because she woke up before she was ready, and we were all in her face and throwing her in the bath.  I felt so bad.

She is also sporting her first shiner.  Yesterday (when I took a couple of pictures) it was just red, but today it is looking a bit more purple.  Makes her look tough, right?


I've got a couple of crafty projects to share sometime next week, but other than that, I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday.


mandie lane said...

She has the cutest expressions EVAH.

Sharstin said...

Ah poor miss ryann! can't wait ton see your crafty goodness ~

Amy said...

Oh poor thing! The bloody noses would freak me out cause blood freaks me out!! Poor girl!

Sarah said...

aw I just love that she named one of her babies after me (just let me think she named it after me if that's not the case). I forgot to ask to see baby Sarah when I was over!

Jenny said...

If she'll let you, put a folded up chunk of paper towel that has been soaked in cold water under her top lip (but on top of her gums) and press it there for a minute. That should stop the nosebleed pretty fast.