December 27, 2011

looking for motivation


Christmas was lots of fun.  Ryann slept horribly at the hotel.  I'm exhausted.

I've missed two weeks in a row for 'move it monday'.  I've got several other half finished/barely started posts I've been meaning to get to.  And now I have a slew of holiday photos that I want to post before I never get to it.

My holiday cards still haven't been mailed out.  My house is a disaster.  Our fridge is empty.

I really need to do something about much of the above, and hopefully I'll get there eventually, but until then, here is our only pathetic attempt at a family picture from the weekend.


I'm kicking myself for not taking better pictures of Ryann in her Christmas Eve outfit.  The cuteness killed me.  Seriously, I could barely stand it.  She looked like such a little princess!  And the outfit/fur was most likely a bit over the top, but it was on sale.  And she rocked it.  :o)

Crossing my fingers for a productive nap time today!


christa said...

If you find some motivation could you send it my way? Messy house, presents to put away and an appetizer to make for yet another gathering tonight.

Anonymous said...

I still need some of that motivation as well so feel free to pass it along my way as well :)

Sharstin said...

I love ryanns lil fur, so cute! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! And way to brave the cold run, we were out on a run on Saturday and it was 15 degrees! I am trying to still get organized after all the hoopla!!

Tysie said...

Perfectly imperfect!

Erin said...

Ahhhhhhhh the fur shrug! The bracelet! Love it.

modern Suburbanites said...

adorable photo! love the fur!

Lindsay said...

Adorable family picture :) Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

Jami Nato said...

i think we are all feeling this way. christmas hangover. ha.