December 10, 2011

where are your pits?

Just a couple videos to brighten your Saturday (that feels like a Sunday to me) night.  Really I'm sure you're doing way cooler things than sitting around playing on the internet, but just in case :o).

Where are your pits?  This video makes me smile so much my cheeks hurt.

And ok, this one is a little long, and random, but my kid is such a spaz.  I LOVE her, but she is so goofy.

Have a good one!


Tysie said...

Oh my gosh - those are too cute! I love her little giggle :)

Amy said...

I was laughing so hard at these videos!!! Love it! Weeeellll except for the Jayhawk part.......little Miss Ryann needs to hang out with the Long sisters a little more often so we can teach her the awesomeness of the Wildcats!! EMAW baby!!! Thanks for the laughs Ryann, you are adorable, Jayhawk and all.

Hillary said...

This is TOO cute! I love that sweet belly laugh!

Dana said...

The arm pit video made me smile til my cheeks hurt too :) SOOO CUTE!! And wow, I am amazed at the language skills on that smart girl! She is rocking the words and singing the alphabet! Awesome!!!!