December 29, 2011

this and that

::  I uploaded pictures and put up blog posts about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (ok photo dump, whatever).  I did four loads of laundry.  I cleaned up the dirty dishes in my kitchen and wiped down the counters.  That is progress right?  I also finished Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah in two days.  There is a reason I can't pick up novels unless we are on vacation, I simply can't put them down.  I have to know what happens.  Which means when I could be being somewhat productive my nose is stuck in a book.  Oh well, it makes me happy so it is a good thing, right?

:: My holiday cards are still sitting on my desk.  Apparently no amount of ink can clean my print heads or bring my epson back to life, so I've opted to just get a new printer.  Now the question is, which one?  Anyone out there have a recommendation for a good ink jet printer?  I want to be able to print photos, and would love the option of printing up to 13x19, although that isn't 100% necessary.

::  My little princess pie is 21 months old today.  Sigh.  It will never slow down, will it?


:: I want to put together a couple of posts relating to blog design and photography.  Those are both topics I've been asked about on more than one occasion, so I'm going to try and bit the bullet and put down all my completely non professional probably not the best way to go tips :o).  I want to make sure I answer all of your questions so if you have any related to those topics please ask in the comments section!

::  I'm going to sit down and put together my schedule for 'a day in the life' tonight.  If you are interested in participating please check out this post!

::  Colors are officially (sorta) decided for the birthday party.  Hooray!  Now on to the good stuff.  Any suggestions for your favorite little place to get fun party supplies (balloons, plates, cupcake liners, etc)?  Also, has anyone seen alphabet sprinkles anywhere?  Especially in colors other than primary ones?  And if you've ever ordered or bought large amounts of crepe paper or tissue paper, where from?


Happy Thursday!


Sandra Kohlmann said...

I love Ryann's shirt in the last photo. Where is it from?

Lily M. said...

I read your blog all the time and LOVE the pictures you post. I've had a dsrl for almost a year and still don't know what I am doing. Your pictures come out soooo good! I look forward to your tips!

Nicole said...

I was reading your post while my little one was eating her breakfast. As I scolled down to pictures of Ryann, she focused on her and said, "Oooo!". Ryann has a fan! :)

Jeane said...

Ooooooh... SO excited about a post about blog design and photography!!!

Ryann ist just way too cute. Love her smiles!!!

Lindsay said...

For my wedding DIY stuff, I bought quite a bit off Oriental Trading Company. They have a huge selection of stuff that might be perfect for Ryann's party. And it's inexpensive which is a huge plus. Good luck planning!

Tysie said...

Etsy has quite a bit of tissue paper if you search for it under "supplies" (and the color options are vast). Can't wait to get some photography tips :)

jessi ♥ said...

You've been very productive! I still have so much to do. I am the same way with books :o)

Ashley said...

Sandra, that striped shirt is from Baby Gap. It doesn't look like they have it anymore. :( But FYI today is the last day for 30% off their regularly priced styles. You can get some spring stuff at a discount!

Megan said...

I have had luck with the sight Great service and lots to choose from at good prices! Can't wait for your photography and blog design tips! Also..I am training for a has not been fun. And I am pretty sure I live super close to you. Ha..random thoughts!

Jenny said...

I am totally like you with the nose-in-book thing. I have to be reeeeally careful when I pick up a book!

The site has fantastic party stuff. I bought a bunch of the stripey paper straws for my wedding, and have used them for birthday parties too.

PS Stores are local to me, but you can order online too. They have every color tissue you can imagine. Here's a link to their tissue/crepe paper page (they're also a good place to buy bulk ribbon!):

Bobi said...

I ordered large amounts of tissue paper in a coraly pink and orange color to make tissue poms a while ago. I have TONS left over. They come in large sheets, not rolls. If you're interested let me know and they're yours for free. I really want to get them out of my house!

PS - I'm going to see Abbey H. tomorrow, maybe she could pass them along:)