December 11, 2011

week in iphone pics

Our weeks are getting busier and busier!  Hopefully that doesn't mean life will suddenly turn lame after January 1st...


Last Sunday my bestie took me to some great antique shops and thrift stores.  There were a couple of mirrors I almost bought to turn into a chalkboard, but I just couldn't make a decision.  I'm a terrible thrifter.  That evening we did some grocery shopping at Whole Foods and finished up our Christmas tree decorating!


Oh Monday.  The first day she discovered the light switch.  We had a little playdate with Sarah and the boys at Monkey Bizness.  Ryann is obsessed with those giant blocks.  After our playdate I dragged Ryann to Hobby Lobby with me.  She wanted to send daddy a tongue picture during lunch.  When Chris is gone I absolutely dread bathtime.  I have no idea why but I seriously HATE giving Ryann a bath.  Luckily she is pretty cute (and loves brushing her teeth).  She also makes awesome faces when we take post bath pictures together...


Tuesday morning we woke up to the tiniest layer of snow.  Ryann was so excited, obviously.  Grammy came to visit and we ventured to the mall  (where else?).  With one bat of the eyelashes Ryann convinced grammy to take her on the carosuel, and nearly got her to buy a bitty baby at American Girl (really it may have been me that put my foot down on that one :o).  That evening we used our matching ginger spatulas to make some cookies!


After Tuesday's attempted crib escape Ryann's room got some new pillow flooring.  Between getting dinner ready for the crock pot and making more cookies I turned our kitchen into a disaster area.  By the way, Ryann was also a huge fan of the dough.  After nap we set out for a little advent calendar activity.  On the schedule for that day?  Hot chocolate from Starbucks.  We had an extra special trip by going to the Starbucks in Target.  Hot chocolate and Target, what could be better right?  I'm not sure if it the drink was coming through the straw too fast, or if was that she hadn't really had a warm drink before, but Ryann did not want the hot chocolate at all after the first sip.  The lemon pound cake though?  That she was perfectly happy with.  


Ryann woke up with some awesome bedhead.  It upset her just a bit :o).  I got her a set of counting/sorting bears, she loves them!  Not actually counting them or sorting them though, of course.  She lined up all the cups and told me the yellow one was for me, the purple was hers, blue was for Daddy, red was for Kyle and green was for Chris.  Kyle and Chris are a couple of our friends.  I thought it was funny that she decided they were their cups, and she has completely stuck to that.  Per the advent calendar Ryann got to unwrap a new book.  And because there wasn't enough junk food in our house I decided to make more!  Thankfully I dropped those sweets (along with a batch of cookies!) off to my friend Kenzie on Friday.


My kid is cute.  There is no denying it :o).  And those little bears?  They definitely keep her occupied.  But man... they end up everywhere!  We are still on the hunt for a good holiday dress.  Ryann tried to humor me by playing dress up, but obviously it wasn't her first choice for our evening activity.  Crazy bath hair and more awkward post bath faces.  She looks THRILLED to be taking pictures with me.


The only phone picture I took yesterday was that awkward grocery store shot on the right.  Apparently our day was lame?  Not really... Chris took Ryann to the pet store (hello cheap indoor zoo) while I showered.  And after dinner we made a little snuggle fort in the family room and watched a Mickey Mouse Christmas movie.  It was a good day.

Really it was a good week.  A great week (of course it helps that the hubby had three days off, THREE!).  I'm hoping the next few weeks are just as fun, and not too stressful!  We've packed our schedule full, but I'm sure we will enjoy it.

How was your week?  Linking up with our week by iphone and instaFriday.

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Jenny said...

I love your week by iphone posts, Ashley! Will you share with us what ideas you put inside your advent calendar?