December 28, 2011

christmas day 2011

The one thing that kind of bites about not spending Christmas at home, is the fact that we spend Christmas morning in a hotel.  It isn't the end of the world of course, and there are still presents and stockings and we have a nice breakfast in the hotel restaurant... but it is a hotel.  It just doesn't wake you up with a holly jolly feeling you know?

That aside, Christmas day was lots of fun of course.  More presents, more family, more food... need I say more?

Oh, in a total mommy fail moment, I forgot to bring Ryann a stocking.  My mom has the rest of our families, but Ryann never got one of the 'family' stockings, so my mom asked me to bring one from home.  I uh, didn't.  Oops.  So she used my brothers and he got a shopping bag.  Oh well, I suppose at almost 30 you don't care if you don't have a stocking.   Quite frankly I bet at just under 2 you don't care either, but whatever :o).


Check out that concentration!  She sat and colored for such a long time, completely ignoring everything around her.  The only way to get her attention was to take the crayons or the paper.  And that absolutely did not go over well.

Something else to mention about Christmas morning... Ryann had opened a couple of gifts, and of course after each asked us to open whatever it was she had unwrapped.  She got to a gift Chris and I brought, some crayons, a couple of coloring books, and a pack of stickers that Chris threw in at the last second.  We thought it would be an easy thing to keep her entertained with in the hotel.  As soon as she opened the stickers she had ZERO interest in any of her other presents.  She didn't care that she still had like five more packages to open.  Just goes to show that kids don't need much.  Just something they love!


Kelly said...

I love your big family! How awesome to be surrounded by so many people for the holidays :)

christa said...

Love the matching pj's of Ryann and her doll

Jami Nato said...

so fun!