December 18, 2011

week in iphone pics

Seriously, this week I felt like I didn't stop from Tuesday until Saturday.  It was full of playdates and crafts and friends coming over and errands and... well, you get the idea.  It was a good busy week, but exhausting!


This block tower is very impressive for a couple of reasons, 1) It was pretty dang tall.  Taller than Ryann, so like 3 feet ish?  2)  It lasted long enough for me to take a picture to send to Chris.  That is incredibly impressive with baby Godzilla running around.  Towers don't usually stand a chance in our house.  After the gym we had a little playdate with JT.  When Chris asked Ryann what we did that day, she said we played at JT's house, and JT was naked :o).  Sheesh Ryann, not true!  He was just shirtless.  Crazy girl during lunch.  A quick trip to Target to pick up a humidifier.  And somebody got some pretty red toenails for Christmas time.


I believe someone was regretting the early morning wake-up during our trip to Hobby Lobby.  Nap time was glitter time!  That evening Ryann requested a hair bow.  I was happy to oblige.  She read the bible for the bazillionth time.  We started some Christmas cards.  And Ryann got her babies all tucked in and ready for me.  She said they needed to sleep with the train and the blocks.  Looks snuggly right?


The first two photos would be extra adorable, seeing as she wanted to wear a skirt (rarely happens), except it was 6:30 in the morning.  And we'd already been up for an hour...  Grammy was in town so we hit up our favorite lunch spot (CPK) for some salads.  That afternoon lovely and hilarious Michelle brought baby Effy over to play.  Well, or nap, whatever.  Ryann helped rock her to sleep and sang her 'Rock-a-bye Effy...'  That kind of cuteness can kill.  Tuesday night we threw on the gingers before heading out to look at Christmas lights.  It was awesome, Ryann 'oooed' and 'ahhhed' the whole time.  And I think the blow up stuff is incredibly tacky, but man, they definitely thrilled Ry to no end.


Another morning with Grammy around, so we did some shopping.  Ryann wasn't exactly feeling retail therapy that day, and frequently threw her shoes and socks from the stroller.  We did pick up an adorable fur shrug for her to wear on Christmas Eve.  She may not be so sure about it but I can't wait to have her all decked out.  Ryann took an extra long nap (she slept until 5:15... like 3.5 hours!), so I got to crafting some teacher gifts.  We made some treats to go with it, and I finished up the Christmas cards.  That was a way past my bedtime kind of night!


My mom was still in town, so while Ryann was at MDO we did some shopping on the Plaza.  Say hello to my Christmas present (the phone, not the water :o).  Thanks mom, I'm in love!  We also had to stop in Halls for some Andre's chocolates.  If you ever come across them, do yourself a favor and get a raspberry truffle.  Mmmmm.  And just some silly post bath photos.


Friday we had a fun little playdate at our house.  I'm sure Jenn is going to kill me for that picture, but that is the only one I took.  We made some salt dough ornaments and then the kids dumped plastic balls all over the family room.  Ryann sent daddy a sad face to tell him she got an owie at the gym, but no worries.  She was still super crazy.  And it was absolutely wonderful to see my friend Jess.  Probably wasn't the best experience she could have had at my house, but Ryann loved playing with her.  And I loved seeing her!


Road trip to grammy's house!  And please let me introduce you to creepy Santa Claus.  I freaking loved that thing when I was little, I have no idea why.  But apparently it is a kid thing because Ryann loves it too.  She dragged him all over the house.  We made a little art project after nap, Ryann loves to paint.  More creepy Santa playtime, she was feeding him cookies :o).  Lastly helping Papa play the piano.  He plays and she changes the instrument every two seconds.

It was a busy on the go kind of week, but we had lots of fun.  Can't wait for the coming week, hello Christmas!!

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jess ♥ said...

Looks like you had a great week!! Random but i love that frilly shower curtain! where did you get it? :)

Amanda said...

Your pictures are so cute! Merry Christmas!