December 25, 2011

week in iphone pics

Merry Christmas, and you know, happy everything.  We are having a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with my dad's side of the family.  For the first time in probably 3 or 4 years we are having amazing weather!  Seriously, the last two or three years we've had to drive to and from Omaha in near blizzard like conditions.  Sunshine and no snow was a much welcomed change.

I'm sure there will be an actual Christmas post soon, but my dad was giving me grief about not updating the blog since Thursday (I know he was kidding, whatever), so I thought I'd throw up my iphone pictures before I forgot.  It seemed like a rather busy week getting everything all put together for the holiday weekend!


We were still at my parent's house, and I actually braved the cold to go for a longish run outside.  I truly was surprised how much I was able to tolerate the cold.  It was overcast and supposedly only felt like 24 or something, but there was no wind, and by the time I hit the 3 mile mark I was wanting to strip off some layers.  I covered about 7.75 miles.  I call it a success!  

Ryann wasn't feeling to hot on Monday, and spent a lot of time laying down places.  She cuddled up on the couch with papa for a while.  A little dose of tylenol perked her up enough to bake some cookies, but by Monday evening we were considering taking her to the ER.  She was barely running a temp, not even 101, but her nose started bleeding again and she was acting so weird.  I knew I was most likely overreacting, so I gave her another dose of tylenol and put her to bed.  Thankfully she woke up chipper at 6am Tuesday morning.


Somebody got a special wintertime breakfast... a snowman pancake with chocolate chips for eyes and buttons!  I was in love with Ryann's outfit that day, I'm pretty sure her Grandma 'Nita bought it last winter.  Just another trip to Target, where else.  We went out to lunch at Red Lobster and Ryann kept sneaking fries off Daddy's plate.  She would dip them in the ketchup, take a bite, and put them back :o).  Hanging out with Auntie Lorin and celebrating Papa's birthday.

tuesday & wednesday

The first photo is the only one I took on Tuesday.  Whoops.  Honestly?  I don't even remember what we did besides drive back home.  Wednesday Chris didn't have to go in until 1pm, so we took Ryann to Bass Pro to see Santa Claus.  And the fish of course.  I wish I could remember what she was saying to me at dinner, she was being a total goober if you couldn't tell.


As soon as I say something about baking, Ryann pipes up, "Want to lick the spatula!  Want to lick the spatula!"  I made some nutella puppy chow and snickers brownies.  The nutella puppy chow made for a very tasty spatula!  We ventured out to Nordstrom Rack that evening to see if there was anything I wanted to wear for Christmas Eve (no luck, boo), and Ryann enjoyed trying on lots and lots of bracelets.  Thursday night I stayed up too late watching the Jayhawks win (hooray!) and wrapping presents (because I'm a slacker and didn't already have it done).


Chris and Ryann ran out to do some errands for me while I showered and pack to leave for the weekend.  Good story (not), our Christmas cards were actually delivered late Thursday so I was trying to get them mailed out on Friday.  I ran out of ink while trying to clean the print heads, so Chris and Ryann went to get more.  The stupid printer never would work, so I still haven't sent out my cards.  Lame.  A little nap during the car ride to Omaha.  Ryann got a ride around the hallway in Gigi's cart.  She found it pretty entertaining. 


Ryann is incredibly congested and slept HORRIBLY at the hotel Friday night.  Of course the only thing that would keep her sleepy self remotely happy the next morning was the iPad.  That kid and technology, sheesh, my dad's iPad is passcode protected, and she has figured out how to swipe the thing, put in the password and get to the games she wants.  Ridiculous.  We of course had to run to a store Saturday morning to grab a hairbow for Ryann.  They had an adorable mini chair and couch set that Ryann did not want to get up from.  She looked pretty classy riding to the Christmas Eve party.  And surprise surprise, a little more iPad before bed time.  The real point of that picture is the matching jammies (more gingers!) she got for her and her doll.  When I saw them in the store last week I absolutely couldn't resist.  Gingers?  A matching pair for the dolly?  It was a must.  Unfortunately Ryann was too tired last night to really care.  Oh well, they made me happy :o).

Overall a pretty good week :o).

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