February 27, 2012

a couple of things

This week I learned a couple of things.

1.  I like the barbell strength class at the gym.
YES!  We didn't have a playdate scheduled for last Monday, so I decided to suck it up and try out the barbell strength class.  I had been a little intimidated, because the class also happens on Saturdays right after the 50/50 fitness class I take.  The people wanting to take the barbell class stand outside like vultures, and as soon as our class looks over they come running in, scrambling for benches and equipment and shoving us out of the way.  Seriously.  This weekend my friend's phone and water bottle got kicked halfway across the room because they people coming in couldn't wait for two minutes while we put our equipment away and left.

So I was a little worried that the barbell class was just crazy and hardcore in general.  But the Monday class?  Not at all like the Saturday class.  I got there maybe ten minutes early, and there was plenty of space.  I was able to ask the instructor what I needed and for a few tips.  The class is a perfect strength class for me.  The moves aren't complicated to the point where I'm struggling to just figure out what I'm doing.  They are pretty straight forward, and I can just concentrate on using my muscles.  I was nice and sore on Tuesday.  Score!  Can't wait to go back again today. 

2.  Lululemon running crops are amazing.
I've heard of everyone talking about how Lululemon stuff is awesome.  My sister practically lives in the stuff.  But I couldn't convince myself that I needed an $80 pair of running pants.  The Target stuff was just fine and I could have three pairs for the cost of one from Lululemon.  But you guys?  The Target stuff is no comparison.  I recently got a pair of run: excel crops.  If it wouldn't completely destroy them I would wash them and wear them everyday.  They feel that great to run in.  The right amount of compression, a good drawstring at the waist, really everything.  I couldn't come up with a complaint.  Now I know what will be on my wishlist for my birthday and Christmas this year!

Something to note, if you are going to buy expensive workout gear, you should probably wash them properly.  Did you know nearly all workout gear should not be washed with fabric softner?  I knew the Lululemon stuff said that, but I check out all of my workout clothes, and everything from my Nike pants to my Target sports bra specifically stated 'no fabric softner' on the tag.  It can ruin the wicking features of the fabric and things like that.  So if you didn't before, now you know!


Unrelated to these two things, yesterday I had a fantastic run thanks to two things.  I got to be outside, and I got to go with  my running buddy, Jill.  It could have been a little less windy, but overall the weather was decent.  We set off for 8 miles, and part way in Jill mentioned she had never run more than 8.  After we passed the halfway point, Nancy (what Jill named the lady on iMapMyRun who announced our time, mileage and pace... oh I was using that because my Garmin is dead like won't even charge dead, don't get me started...) informed us that our pace was around 8:54 per mile.  I told Jill that she could most definitely do 9 miles, so we agreed to run a half mile past our cars.  When we hit the 7 mile mark our pace was down to 8:44 per mile.  What?  We were rocking it.  We finished 9 miles in 1:18:16.  8:41 per mile.  Bam.

And then discovered that Jill had dropped her car key somewhere along the way.  Whoops!  We started off retracing our steps, but after a little over a mile we were done.  Thankfully her husband came to the rescue with a spare key.  And overall we covered 11.41 miles.  Not too shabby for a Sunday morning.  And the longest distance I've covered since the half in October.  I'll take it!  Too bad I missed out on the half in April, I know I could finish in under two hours :o(.

Oh well.  Did you learn anything new this week?


Genevieve said...

Oh my gosh, they do the same thing at my gym for the Body Pump class, but only on Saturdays well. ;) Very intense! Glad you found a class you like so much, I recently started doing a weights class and was surprised at how much I liked it.

Also love Lululemon, but haven't tried those crops, they look amazing! I have the Wunder Groove crops and they are awesome, but the ones you have seem better for running. :)

Lindsay said...

I drool over my Lululemon catalog that somehow arrives in my mailbox. It's always so expensive so I drool then throw it away. My birthday is coming up in April...we will see ;0)

What a great run and especially being able to run with someone. I'm sure it makes the time go by so much more faster. Great times!

modern Suburbanites said...
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Molly Meis said...

I do remember mentioning the Barbell Strength class to you awhile back... and Yes, the Saturday class was ridiculously busy, but i think the instructor is great and i love the burn i felt after it! I seriously miss that class!

Amber said...

Ive honestly never heard of Lululemon and just like you I think I would have a hard time paying that much for a pair of pants. So interesting about workout gear not being washed with fabric softener-had no clue!

Anonymous said...

Lululemon is the best! Buy a couple cool racer backs, run inspire crops, a cute running jacket (love the run hustle- not sure if it's still out) and some groove or Astros for bumming around the house and you'll be all set, Just have you parents buy it for you =)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I've had a glass of wine just read what I wrote. It sounded kind of snarky. I really enjoy your blog and it seems like your parents buy you fun treats now and then and over priced awesome workout gear seemed like it would fall under that category!

Ashley said...

Anonymous, yes, not going to lie, that did sound a bit snarky. But I'm a big girl and I'll accept your apology. My parents definitely spoil me, but for now I'll just go ahead and stick to keeping the clothes on my birthday list (it is in April, I don't have to wait too long). Thanks for your input on which pieces you like!