February 11, 2012

week in iphone pics


World Nutella Day.  A lovely mama to be.  Post nap beauty.  Bears on the window.  Wonderscope.  Avid reader.  Smiles for grammy.  Goofy girl.  Talking to Papa (and Grammy).  Asking for a mouseketool to get over the rag.  More reading.  A childless grocery run.  Hidden treats in hubby's car.  Shopping for shoes.  Carousel!  Shopped out.  Cheese.  Peanut butter & banana chocolate chip cookies.  Bath hair.  Clementines.  My valentine (+ cake).

Most definitely a good week.  I love when the hubby is on vacation.  Can he always be on vacation?  :)

And the picture of her in a diaper standing by a rag?  Yes, she literally asked me for a mouseketool.  "Mommy!  Mommy!  I need a mouseketool!"  "A mouseketool?  For what?"  "To get over the rag."  "Oh, um, ok.  What kind of mouseketool do you need?"  "A mystery one."

Oh how she loves her Mickey Mouse.


Amber said...

We love Mickey mouse clubhouse also! Adorable pics

Bri {collected} said...

Ryann reminds me of Rilo! They do and say and like a lot of the same things! I overheard Rilo a few days ago saying, "Oh Handy Helper. Go get Daisy so we can listen to music". She loves her Mickey Mouse too!

Brooke said...

My kid is on the Mickey Mouse train too. Her Daddy let the water out and she said "Oh uh. Oh Toooodles." Love it.

EmilyE said...

Love the blooper! I see she is sporting some teething beads. Do you think they have helped? We have a 10 month old that is teething like crazy!