February 2, 2012

embrace the camera

You know what?  Being a mom is tough.

Ok I'm sure lots and lots and lots of you know that.  But ohemgee this whole toddler roller coaster we're riding?  It is insane.


Ryann hasn't really wanted to eat all that much the last few days.  Except for stupid 'crunchies', but that is beside the point.  No big deal.  She was sick on Sunday (like puked all over me and my parents rug sick), I got sick Sunday night and felt miserable most of the day Monday.  So maybe she isn't feeling it.  Or maybe her molars are starting to come in.  Or maybe a million other things.

I thought I'd be clever and not offer a snack yesterday morning, unless of course she asked, to see if I could trick her into eating real food for lunch.  I'm pretty sure I turned her into a beast.  And thank the Lord for granting me some patience yesterday, because this my friends, is what she did to my knee with a Ham the Pig figurine:


See, if I tell her we are not going to do something she wants to do (in a calm, kind manner with explanation of course), she has taken to slamming her hand down on whatever is nearest and yelling no.  Hitting whatever object is closest to her and just saying no over and over again.  She gets so worked up about it.  And unfortunately yesterday my knee was the closest object, and she happened to be holding a hard and pointy-ish toy.  Plus I'm pretty sure she was ticked off at me.

I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt.  She was most likely hungry and tired.  I made her apologize.  She did.  She gave me a hug and said sorry.  She was still pissed.  But she apologized.  I fed her lunch.  And then?  Then she was all smiles and giggles and happiness.  She said "Mommy, may I have a nose kiss please?" as I was laying her down for nap.  No joke.


Daily I am baffled by how to deal with the ups and downs of Ryann's personality.  She is such an amazing little girl.  So smart.  So adorable.  So funny.  But girlfriend can push my buttons like nobody's business.  Some days I am great at rationalizing the fact that she is a toddler and doesn't know how to deal with her emotions.  Or that she is just testing me.  Or surprise, the kid is freaking hungry.

There is no doubt in my mind that I was meant to be a mom.  Ryann's mom.  But whew.  Some days are just plain HARD.


Oh and two year molars?  If it is you that is bringing out the worst in my child every other hour, could you just flipping show up already?  I'd appreciate it.

Completely unrelated to the rest of my text, don't you just love my attempt at timer photos?  I used the ball as a focus point, pushed the button, jumped off the porch, grabbed Ryann and tried to sit on top of the thing.  My photo isn't in focus and I've got a mini volleyball shoved between my legs.  Oh well, better luck next time, right?  :o)


Lindsay said...

Ha...yes, Noah's doing that these days too. He goes from happy happy bubbly cutie pie to demon child in .25 seconds for almost no reason at all. Hitting/throwing are how it generally manifests with the screeches and no's quickly following.

We've been doing modified time out with me holding him on my lap until he calms down (since he won't sit in one spot more than 10 seconds). I hope this passes quickly (for both you and I:) ).

It is the cute moments though that make the hard ones bearable:)

Sarah and Derek said...

We're having one of those weeks too. Ian and Gage are sick once again and refuse to eat anything! I tried the no morning snack this morning and they were AWFUL right before lunch. Let's pray next week is better and we can meet up 1 last time (besides at my house)before I open my daycare.

Melissa said...

Oh my. I hear you! I'm glad it's not just my toddler. Misery loves company, right?
It's a good thing God made our daughters so cute. :)

Megan said...

I love the pic you took!! And Im sorry about Ryann being sick.

Jessa said...

Girl, you speak the truth. This stuff it tough! My 2 y.o. was nearly expelled from preschool yesterday. When he's sweet, there's no one sweeter, but man does he love to push those buttons. Hang in there! She's a doll!

Lindsay said...

I am NOT looking forward to the toddler years :( Your knee is no joke girl!

Me said...

You are a great mom!! And you have a great girl to prove it :) Keep up the great work-- I'll be calling you for lots of advice down the road ;) Glad you're feeling better!

PS- I love the last photo. Now that's real life!

Sandy said...

I am right there with you right now! My little man has been literally throwing himself on the floor and kicking a screaming. I understand the whole button-pushing thing!

As for the self timer, spend the $20 on the remote! It will make your life so much easier because you can just click away without having to try to jump into the shot!

Erin said...

You speak the truth! Annie gets SO upset over the smallest things lately - it is maddening. And it's usually just one thing after another too - wrong fork choice (that she chose earlier), I picked up a book she CLEARLY needed, wants her socks off and they aren't coming off instantaneously. Etc. She can be super fun and cute, but man alive child! Just calm yourself! Probably 75% of the days I am seriously relieved to go to work because even just getting her ready for daycare is usually about 10 battles, and the quiet calm of the office is quite appealing :)

This too shall pass :)

Aja said...

Oh my gosh! That looks like it hurts!! But I have to admit, picturing her slamming her hand down and yelling NO cracked me up :) sorry for the tough times.. Hopefully it won't last long!

Carrie said...

oh my gosh, seriously just laughed out loud at the writing in italics and the picture of your birthing a mini volleyball.

there's a reason she's so cute. it's so she can get away with all that crap she's dealing you. ;-) but really, i think with kids, the lowest lows come with the highest highs. good luck and enjoy the [roller coaster] ride!

RHA said...

I can't remember how I found your blog but I just wanted to say, thank you! Every time I read your blog posts I realize I am not the only one :) My little girl is 15 months and it is has been such a joy reading about Ryan's adventures that it makes me excited to what is to come ... the good and the not so good :(
Also, you have been become a sort of inspiration for me too :) ... with my first I had to deliver early because I had preeclampsia and your get back in shape / healthy is my goal for this year!
Thank you for honestly sharing your adventures!!

Sharstin said...

oh the fun toddler times! gotta love it--good thing it usually passes by fast! i love the self timer pict!

Ashley said...

Thanks ladies! I always appreciate knowing I'm not alone. And Carrie? I about died. I never thought of it looking like I 'birthed a mini volleyball'. Thanks for that! Ha ha :o)

Julie S. said...

Ahh, toddlers. Brayden is up and down most of the day as well- drives me insane. INSANE. Before I sit down to nurse Kenley, I make sure he has the toys he wants, his cup, a snack, etc. It never fails- as soon as she starts eating he wants something totally off the wall, then pouts when I am not getting it right away. *sigh*