February 6, 2012

technology is NOT my friend

That is totally a lie.  I love technology.  But my Garmin & iMapMyRun?  Totally driving me nuts.

Last Thursday I got out my Garmin watch and the screen was blank.  I assumed the battery had died, I hadn't charged it in almost a week.  No biggie.  Plugged it in.  Two hours later I still couldn't get the stupid watch to turn on.  Of course I haven't read the directions so this is most likely a user error.  But I pushed a freaking button, can't the damn thing just turn on?  :o)

Anyway, since I didn't have my watch I just used iMapMyRun on my phone.  I started with a little warm-up walk and then ran for a while.  I was surprised when the nice lady chimed in over my music, letting me know I'd already gone a mile at 9 minutes.  I mean, that isn't completely absurd, but I didn't think I was going that fast.

Well apparently that lady has been knocking a few back, she was most certainly out of sorts when she told me I more or less walked a mile in 6:24 this morning.  After a mile she got back on track, but really.  Is it so much to ask that either my Garmin or my phone function properly?

I don't have anything incredibly pertinent to discuss this morning.  I was having a great week food wise last week.  I lost four pounds in 24 hours while I was sick.  Yes, I'm aware, water weight.  Stick with me a bit longer.  I gained two back by the next day.  But then by Friday I was down a total of three pounds for the week.  I was doing GREAT not eating any extra snacks and controlling my portion sizes.

Then I made cookies on Saturday.

Then I went to TWO parties on Sunday.

Then Chris brought home some tasty shrimp pot stickers from Whole Foods today.

I'm going to assume I'm not still down three pounds (I didn't weigh myself this morning).  Yes, I'm still hovering around my goal weight.  Yes, there are going to be ups and downs for the rest of my life with this whole weight thing.  I just felt like I was on a roll, and seeing a number that I don't remember seeing since I was a freshman in high school.  So this weekend was just kind of a healthy living buzz kill you know?

Part of me is kicking myself for not joining Dusty over at All Things G&D in her quest to complete the 28 Day Whole Living Challenge (she did it last year and raved about how great it made her feel!).  But I just didn't feel I could commit to the food selections right now.  Maybe next month.


How is everybody else feeling in the health and fitness department?


Stacey said...

I think one of my favorite parts of this entry is your miss spelling of 'technology' in the title :) I think it was out to get you from the start! haha

Stacey said...

and did I just misspell 'misspell'?! shoot.

Ashley said...

oh stacey. thanks. i am so not on top of things today! :) ha ha spelling and technology are NOT my friends!

Jennifer said...

chin up, girl. Some weeks are better than others!

Brenna said...

I love these weekly posts Ashley! I honestly look forward to them and linking up- even though I link up on Tuesday cause of the time difference. I bought a high speed Garmin 405 like 6 months ago- still cannot figure it out! SO frustrating. Even on my last race- it was just a decoration on my wrist and I was not able to even track what I did pace/distance wise!!

Jessica said...

That whole living challenge looks crazy! It would definitely be a "challenge" for sure, but I'm sure after awhile it would feel great. :) Keep up the good work, you motivate us all to keep working out and eating healthy!