February 13, 2012

snow snow go away

Slowly but surely I'm becoming more adapt and ok with the idea of running outside in the cold.  It really isn't as bad as I thought it would be.  No doubt it helps that we've had a fairly mild winter (which means we are totally screwed the rest of February through the beginning of April, I'm sure of it), but really with the right clothing or gear I almost always get HOT while I'm running.

Things I don't deal with?  Any sort of elements.  Like rain.  Or flipping SNOW.  And temperatures under 10!  Chris has been on vacation since Thursday, and I thought I'd get a couple outdoor runs in before he has to be back at work this Thursday.  But the last time I ran at all?  Was Thursday.  I went pretty much all out on Thursday, 4.15 miles in 36 minutes (8:44 pace).  Friday I did the 30 Day Shred because I couldn't convince myself to go to the gym with the hubby home :o), Saturday I took the 50/50 group fitness class at the gym, and Sunday?  Sunday it was miserably cold out.  So instead of running or hitting up the gym, we went out to brunch with friends.  A good compromise right?

And wouldn't you know it, this morning it is snowing.  We pretty much haven't seen snow all winter, and the few days that I could utilize Christopher to watch Ryann right now, I simply can't make myself get out the door.  The good news is that I'm not currently training for a big race or anything, so I'm not freaking out about missing the runs.  I do feel a bit guilty, but it seems like that is the trend with me right now.  I know I'm not doing everything I could in the health and fitness department, and I feel guilty about it.  But apparently it hasn't been enough guilt to convince me to do otherwise.

I'm trying to give myself a swift kick in the butt though.  Even though I'm not training for a big race, I've got plans for the 5k I want to run the first weekend in March.  Looking at last years results, the top female finisher in my age group finished in 25:33, an 8:13 pace. That almost 5k I did recently?  I finished with an 8:16 pace.  Now obviously there is no telling who will turn out for the 5k this year, how fast they will go, etc.  But potentially I could place in my age division.  Well actually the random site I was looking at claimed the overall top woman's finisher was 25 and finished in 19:14 (ha, never going to happen for me!) so I'm not really sure how to read the results.  But if I ignore that she wasn't included in the age division, I COULD place.

Do you know how insane that sounds to me?  I've always gone to races with the mentality that they are fun, I simply love the atmosphere, I'm not there to win anything.  I've never been fast enough.  And that is completely ok.  But... what if I could win something?  Even if it is just my age division?  Simply typing this all out is encouraging me to go to some sprints on the treadmill (except I don't want to drive in the snow, but the treadmills at the gym are so much nicer than the one in my basement :o).  Must. Get. Faster.

For the record, I really started to like running when I completed a 10k without walking.  I fell in love with running the first time I completed a training run under a 9:30 pace.  You don't have to be fast to like running, but it definitely makes it more fun in my opinion.


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Lindsay said...

Go girl go! I'm sure I can safely say we are all confident you can rock the 5k and win it!

I can't wait to get to that point! It's a long way from now, but what an accomplishment! So inspiring girl :)

Here is my move it monday post for today: http://ahappymamma.blogspot.com/2012/02/move-it-monday-couple-steps-in-right.html

Happy Monday!

The Bignon Family said...

You can totally do it! You go girl!!! It is so hard with the winter weather right now (and I know yours must be worse than ours)! I am starting to kick myself for signing up for a March marathon. Note to self- sign up for fall "big races" from now on! Much nicer to train during the summer! Even if it is 80 degrees by 7 am!

Ashley@MarriedLane said...

Just dropping in to say that I love your blog. Our stories are very similar (married my high school sweetheart in May of '08, had my daughter in february of '10) and it's fun hearing about your life. I'm also amazed at your motivation to get running - I'm trying but failing and you're an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job on your 5K pace! You can certainly kick some behind on your next 5K! And I hear you about this weather. Zero motivation to run outside.

Erin said...

Love it!!! I've signed up for a 5k and 10k this spring...and am eyeing a half marathon in August. Of course, I can only DREAM about a pace like yours :)

It's encouraging to hear you liked running after you finished your 10k. I think I'm still at the point where I tell myself I like it, but it's a big fat lie!

Brenna said...

As usual, I wil link up tomorrow cause it is soooo late here! But I am struggling with the weather here and running outside. The high has been 22 in the last two weeks... Boo!

Kelly said...

The weather here is totally yuck but I definitely feel great once the run is over! I got hubby hooked too and now we're looking into jogging strollers so we can train together.

Brenna said...

It will not let me link... boo!!