February 15, 2012

valentine's day via the iphone

Well, I didn't really plan ahead for yesterday, but I think our Valentine's Day still turned out wonderfully.  I had thoughts this year of going all out and decorating for the silly holiday and doing all sorts of awesome stuff for Ryann and pretty much kicking some Valentine's Day butt.  The truth of the matter is I didn't prepare anything ahead of time and haven't put up a single piece of red and pink heart decor.  Maybe next year?

But... I still managed to work with what I had and show Ryann a little extra love.  And Chris made me a delicious seafood chowder.  AND we got fro yo.  It was a good day.  Here is a little photo recap thanks to my iphone.


Unrelated, I have a couple other things I wanted to mention today... Someone had recently asked in the comments if I would share plans and such for Ryann's birthday party.  I absolutely will show you all my inspiration and all the details and everything, but I don't really want to do it before the party.  Even though it isn't a huge deal, I like to keep some things a bit of a surprise so the guests coming don't know everything that will be present.  I will share the invitations before hand, but not until 1) they are actually finished and 2) they have been mailed out.  Hope all that is peachy with you all :o).

Secondly, I'm in kind of a blog rut right now.  I can just keep posting pictures of Ryann (duh) but I also like to include stuff for all of you out there who aren't my grandma and don't necessarily need a constant stream of Ryann in your face.  Yes, my grandma is so cool that she reads the blog :o).  Christopher's too!  Anyway, I still want to put together a post about customizing your blog design, but I know that will take me a while.  In the meantime you can always check out Adeline's Daddy.  He is regularly posting blog design tips, and I've gotten some coding tips from his blog as well.

Since that is on the back burner right now, I wanted to know if there is anything you want to read about.  It has been a little over a year since I did an 'ask me anything' post (you can find answers from last year's here and here) so I thought I'd offer that up again.  If there is something you want to know, or something you want me to post about, leave it in the comments section.  I'm not completely an open book, but I'll do my best to answer everything you ask!

Have a great Wednesday!


Kathyn said...

Just so you know, I love seeing pictures of her! :)

Laura said...

Will you post about how you got your daughter to sleep all night? And to fall asleep w/out you rocking her to sleep.? This is my 3rd baby- but my first two were girls and they were excellent sleepers. This one-my boy-is so different. He screams if I don't rock him to sleep :( he is 10 months old now. I'm about to cry and need encouragment so bad. Andhelp! Lol

Faith said...

love the pictures! looks like a great Valentines day to me!

3Fites said...

I love the pictures also - so don't think you have to cut down on how many you post. I love hearing about Ryann's milestones, what she's learning, activities you do with her, what's she eating, etc. I really like when you post recipes - sure helps me come up with ideas for my family with our crazy schedules. (I'm the mother of a 20 month old, I work full time and my husband has the craziest work hours ever.)

modern Suburbanites said...

these photos are so so adorable!!


Pete and Mo said...

Thanks for replying about the party planning - I totally understand! Look forward to seeing all the details after the party!
I would love to hear about any house projects, what Ryann is up to (I have a 21 month old), and I always love seeing your pics! Especially loving the project 366!

Thanks for taking time to share your life with us- I really enjoy reading your blog every time you post an update!