February 22, 2012

a day in the life - jennifer

Check it out.  A day in the life on Wednesday!  :o)  I hope you enjoy getting a little peek at a day in the life of Jennifer.


Hi everyone! I'm Jennifer and I blog over at FeelthatFire! I'm a stay at home mom to a 3 year old (and recently found out we're expecting a second baby in Oct) and wife. I'm going to share with all you lovely readers what a day in my life is like!

It's very hard to get my husband to smile!

 4:30-4:45 - On days that my husband is home I wake up this early and make his lunch and see him off to work.
5:30 - Go back to sleep!!

 6:30-7:30 - Lyla wakes up and wants to watch cartoons. I get up and feed the dog, make Lyla a piece of peanut butter toast and I try to eat something so I can get over the queasiness that has now taken over since I hit the 6 week mark of pregnancy. This is also the time that I go through my email, check facebook and all that while trying to wake up.

 8:30 - Make Lyla a real breakfast. Some days she wants pancakes/waffles or some days she'll just eat yogurt and fruit.
9:30 - Shower. Get myself ready and get Lyla ready for the day.
10:30 - Go run whatever errands we need to run. Seems like every day there is something we need to get or somewhere we need to be!

Doing a little shopping, ultrasound to see new baby and a nap while more shopping!

12:30 - Lunch! Lately Lyla has been on a pb&j kick and that's all she wants to eat for lunch and that is fine with me as long as she's eating!
1:00 - Time for me to clean the house, do laundry etc while Lyla plays.
2:30 - Color, practice letters/numbers/colors, read with Lyla. Sometimes we have a tea party with a special snack.

4:30 - Start preparing dinner.
5:30-5:45 - Hubby gets home!!
6:00 - We eat dinner
6:45 - I clean up the dishes from dinner and hubby usually calls his dad (They can't go a few hours without talking haha)
7:30 - Get Lyla ready for bed (bath every other day). Read her books. She will not fall asleep in her bed ever so she'll either come lay on the couch with me or in my bed.
8:30-9:00 - Lyla will fall asleep so I put her in her own bed and then it's my time to spend with hubby and watch the stuff we want to watch on tv.

Sleeping in her custom race car bed!

10:00-11:00 - Bedtime!! And then we start all over again.

(There are no pics with daddy cause today was a day he was out of town!)

I know it's not a super glamorous life but I love it and wouldn't want it any other way!! So I hope you'll come check out my blog! Thank you so much Ashley for letting me share my day with you and all your readers!!

And the questions...
What is the most surprising thing about being a mother?
I think the most surprising thing to me was how other moms can relate so well. A lot of times I thought I was alone in what was happening to me but I'd go on the Internet and see so many moms dealing with what I was.
What advice would you give new or soon-to-be moms?
Don't be afraid to ask for help. If there's something you need help with, I.e. breast feeding, PPD get help. It's ok and there's nothing wrong with needing help.
What are your top three baby products?
A boppy, it helps so much with breast feeding! Some kind of reclined chair/swing that will fit in your bathroom, it will make showering sooo much easier. Lots of burp clothes, receiving blankets stuff like that. You will go through a lot in one day!! And keep them nearby at all times!


Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your day with us!


Ashley said...

My son won't fall asleep in his bed either..it's usually on the couch or the floor. haha!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I love Lyla we are peanut butter queens!