February 26, 2012

week in iphone pics

Now that I have last weeks pictures out of the way, here are the ones from this week.  Pretty much a  million pictures of Ryann, but that is no surprise to anyone I'm sure.  And a lot of these photos have gone through instagram, so if you're following me there I apologize, from now on you'll be seeing the photos twice!


Oh my little miss sassy pants.  She NEEDED her sunglasses that morning.  Of course I was happy to oblige, considering she looks awesome rockin' them.  She helped me put on my make-up and looked adorable strolling with Daddy through Home Depot.


My little queen of ridiculous faces.  I can't wait to see how many more she adds to her bag of tricks :o).  And check out her awesome new boots.  She may or may not have a slightly difficult time walking since they come all the way up to her knees... but they are so freaking cute and she is getting used to it!  I also made another batch of peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies.  Bad idea, very bad...


I asked Ryann what she wanted to wear that day.  She told me a skirt.  I opened her drawer to look for one of her regular skirts, and she said "No mommy.  Not a skirt.  A tutu.  The one that plays music!"  Grammy bought her that tutu before she was born, now she occasionally requests to wear it :o).  It has a little speaker thing in it that plays a tune she can dance to.  So cute.  And while at Hobby Lobby she made us stop the cart so she could smell the flowers.  No matter that they were fake, she had to smell them.


We were in need of some groceries, so I opted for a Super Target run.  Of course it is necessary to check out the dollar bin whenever you are in Target.  Green sparkly hats?  Yes please.  Ryann doesn't like being messy.  And I should probably invest in a step stool so she doesn't have to lay on the bathroom counter to wash her hands...  My post nap cutie.  And enjoying some decent weather outdoors.


Checking to make sure her teeth were clean before heading to school.  Thursday evening I tried my hand at a batch of red beet hummus.  Chris is absolutely NOT a fan.  Personally I don't think it is too bad, but it is no comparison to my favorite sun dried tomato basil hummus from Trader Joes.  But the real verdict comes from Ryann, and she actually will eat some!  The bright pink/red color is very enticing.


We started Friday off by continuing the red beet theme and whipping up a batch of red beet pancakes.  I think these are easier to convince a little one to eat, and Ryann did eat one that particular morning.  But reheated she wouldn't eat it :o(.  Personally I thought with syrup there wasn't too much of a difference from regular pancakes.  You can definitely tell they taste different, but it wasn't terribly gross or anything.  Ryann sported piggy tails for the morning.  I heart piggies.  And happy little girls.  Post nap her hair was a bit out of control, no big deal.  The double fisting of the drinks?  I have no explanation for that.  


ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK BABY!  I was most definitely a proud Jayhawk after Saturday's game.  Well I'm always a proud Jayhawk, just more so on some days :o).  Ryann assisted us in a little grocery shopping at Whole Foods.  And also insisted on eating a lemon at dinner.  Why she always wants to suck on lemons is beyond me.  For the record I don't offer them to her, she asks.

Overall a pretty decent week.  How was yours?

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Kelly said...

I love all of these! What a fun week!