March 23, 2012

a day in the life - sharstin

Wohoooooo!  Friday!

Oh wait.  The hubby still has to work tomorrow.  Boo.  :o(

Anyway...  Today you get a peek at a day in the life of Sharstin.  I first came across Sharstin's blog thanks to my bestie.  Meg had been following her, and pointed out that she had shared a picture of my nursery as inspiration for her own.  Shar's cute kids, great style and wonderful photos kept me hooked.  Her sweet and loving nature shines through her blog and e-mail exchanges.  I hope you enjoy getting a little look at her life!


well hey. I am sharstin from me and mine. My blog is about all the things i love--my babes, mommyhood, running/racing, some crafting, design, yummy eats, and all the good stuff in between.
Here is a little peek into our day--wednesday style
This week was a little different than most, because the hubs has been out of town on business--so i was rolling single parent status...eeesh!

7:10-The two oldest babes are up and at em--Getting breakfast cracking. We are big time oatmeal fans, so that is what it is most mornings.
8:00-Nora starts to talk and is ready to join the rest of the bunch. She eats a quick bite, and then we have to run Caleb to school, good thing it is just down the block. Hubs usually takes him, but i had to load up the crew this week.
9:00-10:00- Getting baths and getting 2 girls and myself ready will take a little minute. Nora loves to get into my makeup while i am getting ready--and Zoee always battles me in the hair department.
10:30--this is when we run a few errands...i had to go take a couple things back to target---where of course you end up grabbing a hundred other things you don't need. Then we went to a party store to look for a few things for an upcoming shower i am hosting. Z loves to go out shopping with me, and will chat my ear off.. i love this time to spend with the girls.
11-12- Lunch-o-rama. On the menu was some green smoothies and grilled cheese for the babes---and they downed an entire costco size carton of raspberries--what in the world?
12:30-I run Z girl to preschool, and put Nora down for a nap
1-2:00- Time for me to try and clean up the joint a bit--which meant some laundry on this day! ugh--my nemesis! nothing zaps my will to live like endless piles of laundry! I check my email and work on editing some photo sessions.
2:30-Nora wakes up and is ready to play. We read some books and have a lil snack
3:00-Have to pick up Zoee from preschool and grab Caleb from a friends house (it was early day from school) The weather was so fantastical we headed to my sisters house to play with cousins.
3-5:30- The kiddos played in the sandbox and swings. Zoee found a new pet worm and we went on a little walk around the hood. Then my sis made dinner for us--{she is a gem} and we had popsicles.


5:30-6:30- We get back home and play in the playroom for a while, get homework done, and the kiddos watched a little bit of Wild Kratts on tv.
6:30-Our sweet little babysitter comes over so i can head out for a run. I went for a 10 miler --was a beautiful evening and just enjoyed the sights and my tunes. Felt good-a little tired from the day-but ended up avg about a 7:10 pace. I always feel so much better when i can get a little run in.


7:30--Nora goes down for the night and read some books with Caleb and Zoee--it was Fancy Nancy, and The foot book.
8:00--Put the babes down and then I will usually read, watch some tube, work on pictures, and hit the sack! Wednesdays are always a bit crazy--and that the hubs was out of town made even that much longer:)

what is the most surprising thing about being a mom?
I don't think i realized pre-babies how much time and work those little ones are:) but i guess who does right? I think it also just worrying that you are doing everything right and that you are teaching your kids everything they need to know--i always have the case of mommy guilt for one thing or another! a curse!

what advice would you give to soon to be moms?
just enjoy the time with your hubs, and the pure freedom of doing whatever/whenever. Snag a little getaway if you can too!

what are your top three baby products?
big fan of the bumbo for some many reasons, swaddling blankets are a must, and i love the Pj sacks with the drawstrings at the end--they are just plain adorable and make diaper changes a breeze!


Thanks so much for sharing your day with us Sharstin!


Sharstin said...

thanks for having me gal! happy weekend~

Nikki said...

Sharstin is such a sweetie. I enjoyed a peek in her day.