March 17, 2012

project 366 {week 11}


This week Ryann has enjoyed the beautiful weather SO MUCH.  Seriously.  This kid never wants to come inside.  Friday she cried uncontrollably the entire ten minute walk home from the park because she didn't want to leave.  And then even more giant tears when I said we couldn't just play in the front yard (it was lunch time).  Emotions in general are still running high.  When she is happy she is running in circles from all her excitement.  When she is sad it is the most pathetic thing ever.  When she is being determined and stubborn?  Don't mess with the kid.

Something else to add this week, Ryann picked up a new word:  CATASTROPHE.  Yes.  Catastrophe.  Apparently it is in a book at my parents house, because when we were back home having breakfast one morning, she dropped her fork.  In a completely monotone voice, "Uh oh Mom.  It's a catastrophe."  Um, excuse me?  I asked her where she heard that word, "The kitty cat book.  The kitty cat book at Grammy's house."  Well alrighty then :o).

Another awesome word to hear her say is calamari.  We were out to dinner last night for sushi, and had a calamari appetizer.  Ryann wanted her chicken tenders and she wanted them RIGHT NOW.  But they were burn your mouth hot.  So we offered her a piece of calamari, and she ate it.  AND asked for more.  Craziness.  But when she says calamari there is an extra L or something, like "cala-marlie."  Too flipping cute.

Didn't want to forget any of that this week.


Ashley@MarriedLane said...

So many of those photos made me smile! I love that she's got such a vocabulary - it's always fun to hear your little one say new words (mine always surprises me with things like "one minute, mom!" - what is she, 8?). Loved the socks on the arms, too. I'll never understand why, but it seems to be all the rage with the 2 year olds...

suzanne @ pretty swell said...

I absolutely love your photos! And Ryann's energy comes right through. So freaking cute!