March 13, 2012

jump around


My child is seriously one lucky little kid.  She has a lot of people who love her so much, and want nothing more than to make her happy.  Yesterday that happiness came in the form of a little bounce house that Grammy just felt she HAD to have.  In the store it seemed excessive to me, and it probably is a bit.  But Ryann was over the moon excited about jumping in that thing.

Grammy set it up during nap time, and when I went to go get Ryann after she woke up, I opened the shades to show her what was outside.  She started bouncing immediately.  "I want to jump!  I want to jump!  I want to go it in it!  I want to play!"  The look on her face made the 'excess' 100% worth it.  I love seeing my little girl so happy.

And for the record it is this Little Tykes bounce house.  But I think it was cheaper in the store...

I also have to include this random little story.  Yesterday while Ryann was bouncing around she noticed a little itty bitty bug crawling through the middle of the bounce house.  First it was "Eeew.  A BUUUG.  EEEEEEEW."  That lasted for a couple minutes.  Then it was "Hey bug.  Whatcha doing?  Want to jump?  Are you going to jump in my house?  Hey where you going??  (It was crawling away from her.)  Where you going bug?  Want to go down the slide?  Ok follow me."  She walked over to the slide and turned around... "Ok ready bug?  Bug?  Bug?  Where you go?  Oh buuug!  Where are you????"  I was laughing so hard.  This kid needs friends.  :o)


a happy mamma said...

Hahaha! That is way too cute about the bug :) Like I said on Instagram, your parents house looks pretty darn amazing. The jumping thing just tops the awesomeness!

Expat Girl said...

Aw haha that is so cute about the bug!! Those photos look like so much fun!

Leah said...

Oh my word. Isaac would pretty much die if he woke up from a nap to that sight! So fun!

Yay for "excessive" grammys.

Amber E. said...

My mom bought this last year. She has two young children (that's a long story being that I am in my late twenties and have siblings younger than MY children, I digress). She bought it because between my two, my nephew and my siblings who are young it would get a LOT of use.

We open it up whenever we have a birthday party or just a family get together. It's easy to use and the kids ADORE IT. That makes it worth it in my book.

Love the pictures!

Sarah and Derek said...

I think I need to purchase this. Looks so fun!! Sssooo funny about the bug. She probably loves that it can't steal toys from her or throw things at her! Seems like a great friend.

Stephanie Doyle said...

So fun! Hunter would go nuts if he woke up to one of those. Good ole excessive grandmas :)

Tammy said...

OMG that looks so fun! I think we need one of those! And I love the bug story...she will love hearing that one day!

Nikki said...

That is awesome. We are going to rent one for Harper's birthday party...I can't imagine having one all the time and the tantrum she would throw when we made her get out.

Amber said...

that looks like so much fun:) Makes me thing of getting one for our little girl who isnt quite 2.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Oh my word, she's hilarious!! Manny would LOVE one of those...I'm sure it will provide endless hours of entertainment. Adorable pictures!