March 21, 2012

this and that

::  Don't worry, you will be getting a day in the life post this week, just not until Friday.  Don't you think you can hold out?  I hope so.  A mama I'd really like to meet someday will be joining us :o).

::  The return of the humidity means Ryann's hair has recently become even more of a force to be reckoned with.  Some days she wakes up and it is perfect, wherever she slept flattened out the top just right and the back is in cute little flips that just curl a bit more throughout the day.  And then sometimes, well, sometimes there is no hope for it.  And if I put any water on the top to try and fix it, I'm done.  Those front pieces love to curl like crazy if given the opportunity.  Piggies, hair bows and ponytails only last so long before she pulls them out, and then her hair is crazier than before.  So... I've pretty much just been letting her look like she rolled out of bed.  I hope no one is judging too much.  :o)


::  Last week's gorgeous weather was such a tease.  It has been raining since Monday pretty much.  Our backyard is a freaking lake.  And there are giant worms and slugs coming out of who knows where and completely disgusting me.  Of course Ryann is bouncing up and down, "Ohhhh WORM.  Shh-lug.  I want to see!  I want to see!"  Eeew eeew eeew.  I HATE bugs of any kind.  Except maybe butterflies.

::  Have I mentioned that when Ryann is really trying to get my attention, she calls me Ashley?  We taught her our names (first and last) just in case it would ever be relevant information for her.  Well, now if she wants to push my buttons, or if I am not paying enough attention to her, she calls me Ashley.  How do they learn things like that so fast???  Ryann has been stalling hardcore before bedtime and naptime lately, and last night was of course no different.  Right after I closed the door she started whining, "Mama.  Open the door.  Please open the door.  Mama open the door please.  ASHLEY.  OPEN THE DOOR!  ASHLEY COME OPEN THE DOOR!"  It was kind of funny.

::  I quite possibly have the world's most annoying cat.  Well cats.  But Max (pictured below) is always starved for attention.  I can't 100% blame him.  Before Ryann was born Chris the cats and I would snuggle in the bed in the morning on the weekends.  They were our babies.  And then I had a real baby.  And honestly that was all I could handle.  So Max is always trying to get us to pet him, rubbing his wet little nose on my hands, which totally grosses me out.  He paces the hallway late at night and early in the morning because he wants attention.  It is insane.  He always jumps straight into peoples laps that come over.  Pretty sure he thinks he is a dog or something.  He whines to us when he can see the bottom of the food bowl (not when it is empty, when he can see the bottom).  He whines cause his sister sucks at getting everything, well, in the litter box.  He pretty much just whines all the time.  But when you need a good snuggle?  He is definitely your go to cat.  Poor guy, we definitely have a love hate relationship now.


::  I'm going to do it.  On the agenda for April (besides spring cleaning) is to write a series of tips on blogging and blog design.  My bestie has agreed to let me redesign her blog and give you a play by play.  So please, if you have something specific you want to know how to do, or any questions about blog design or blogging in general, please ask in the comments section or on my facebook page.  Know that you might not get answers until mid to late April or early May, but please, ask away!

::  My baby is going to be two in eight days.  WHAT???  How is that possible?

::  I've discussed my hatred for the dreadmill lately.  But apparently I should quite whining about doing 3-6 miles on the thing.  This crazy nut ran a freaking marathon on a treadmill!  And Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers actually trained for her first half marathon exclusively on a treadmill.  That blows my mind.  I've logged a lot more miles than some people would consider doing on a treadmill, but nothing like those ladies.

::  Really I have nothing relevant to say today.  Hope your Wednesday is going well! 


Expat Girl said...

My daughters hair is exactly like that, she has the cutest clothes and then her hair is such a mess!! That is hilarious that she called you Ashley last night!

Hawt-Momma said...

I have been a fan of your blog for a loooong time now (lurker turned google friend site member). Your topics are so relevant and your daughter is ah-dorable!! I just recently started my own blog and since I have NO zero...on what I am doing, I look forward to your blog post about design etc etc..

Hawt-Momma said...

PS I am Preeeetty sure we shop at the exact same places for our daughters clothes!! You dress her SOOOO cute!!! Had to throw that in there :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the random thoughts. Hearing yours makes my life seem so much more normal. Normal in that my son's hair is crazy curly (no piggies for him), my cat also has been attention starved since my son was born and that there's really nothing going on today of any great note. LOL! Hope tomorrow is more exciting for you (and me)!

Ashley said...

My son knows our names too (he is almost three) and likes to introduce us to people by our full names... First, middle and last. Hehehe

mandie lane said...

Obviously the cat lady has to say how CUTE your cat is. I get you on the annoyance (uh, I have 3, remember?!) but applaud you for not dumping him off at the shelter despite your annoyance.

Love the hair, crazy and all.

Jayme Riley said...

A marathon? On a treadmill?

Daniel Tosh had an entire marathon race on his show. Something like 200 people on treadmills, running in place and someone on a stairmaster :) There's a video on YouTube.

Meredith said...

I cannot even IMAGINE a marathon on a treadmill!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has very similar hair, it gets worse. HA! I use a spray bottle in the mornings and comb it out, then 99% of the time I will put one pony on the top portion to the side to contain it (kinda like where you have the clippie I put a little pony), I have about 100 cute bows, flowers and clippies to add to the pony. I hope that makes sense. When it gets longer you can do piggies and full pony tails. My daughter used to pull them out all the time as well, I just put them back in after nap. After awhile she stopped pulling them out and likes her hair done. Hope that helps, but it is cute as is too!

Love the blog!