March 1, 2012

embrace the camera

Of course we all got decked out in our KU gear for the much anticipated rematch against Mizzou this past Saturday.  I decided it was the perfect opportunity for a little family photo op.  Surprisingly Ryann found the timer fun and entertaining this time, even though it doesn't show in the first shot.


While Daddy was getting lunch ready Ryann and I spent a little time playing with the time all by ourselves...


My favorites though, are of Ryann when we had a little dance party.  Obviously I way underestimated how tall I would be, but I kind of like the fact that the upper half of my body isn't in the frame.  She is just too stinkin' cute.


Rock Chalk Jayhawk baby.  Get your dance on.


the happy mamma said...

Love the dancing pictures, so sweet :)

Every day's an adventure said...

Love your blog! Ryann is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Too Cute! Ryann is just adorable!

Brandi said...

Adorable! I love the dance party!

EmilyE said...

OMG Ryann looks SO cute in this little outfit, even though it would be cuter in purple;)!!

Former Fat Bride said...

Love the KU gear! Your litte family is so cute :)

Sharstin said...

i love the KU pride--and the dancing moves!

jane said...

love the dancing :)