March 15, 2012

embrace the camera

I completely intended to post these pictures this morning.  And then that didn't work out, so I figured I'd put them up during nap time.  And then I uploaded 828 photos from the past two weeks onto my computer and the thing pretty much exploded.  There was literally one GB of space left.  My computer could not function.  So I had to go through files individually and delete them (because it was too much work for the thing to drag and drop) before I could ever even think about dragging stuff to my external.  OY!  Anyway...

The only way Ryann will let me take her picture these days, is if we play the 'beep game.'  Set the timer so the thing beeps and then when she hears the clicks we go nuts.  :o)  Whatever it takes to get a picture right?


And with that I NEED to get to bed.  So tired.  So so tired.  And I know the little miss will wake me up bright and early!


a happy mamma said...

Hehehehe :) Her facial expressions are seriously the best.

Anonymous said...

she is so adorable!!