March 11, 2012

week in iphone pics

This week?  It was a really good one.  At least that is what the photos remind me of.


Sunday Ryann spent most of the day in her pajamas.  I asked her if she wanted to go to the gym or stay home and be lazy.  She said be lazy, and has told me that a few more times throughout the week.  Whoops.  Her little pajama self was all dolled up by 7am though.  Sunday afternoon we did a fun and easy little art project.  More on that this week!


On Monday Ryann sported her first ponytail.  Dang that little thing was hard to get in, but it was SO cute.  We made some cloud dough and had a blast playing in it.  Unfortunately the pony tail didn't last long (nor did her outfit) so by lunch time she was looking a bit of a hot mess.  After nap Ryann hung out with me at my printer while I worked with my rep on some client invitations.


I snapped the picture on the left to capture some crazy nap hair.  Then, I realized crazy nap hair pretty much makes Ryann look like my twin.  You can see the side by side on my facebook page.  Oh and while I was putting dinner together some small animals, or possibly a certain little toddler was quietly destroying the pantry.  I thought she was just happily playing in there like she was last week when she made a giant peanut butter tower.  Whoops.


Grammy came to hang out with us on Wednesday and do a little shopping, so of course we hit up CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) for our favorite salads.  Ryann always gets a kick out of drinking from a 'big kid' cup.  Ryann and I were on our own Wednesday night, so when she requested a bath at 4:45, I figured why not.  We spent a good 30-45 minutes just playing in the bath.  Of course followed by a goofy mirror photo session.  We ended our little girls' night watching Tangled and eating 'special' (s'mores) popcorn.  Ryann was definitely a happy little camper.


Not much to say about these except that Ryann was a giant goober when she came home from MDO on Thursday.  And does she or does she not look like she is about to cause a lot of trouble in the picture on the right?  Goofy, goofy little girl.


We picked up this new porch bench cushion on Wednesday, but I had yet to actually put it outside.  Ryann decided it was her pillow seat and felt the need to sit on it for her snack.  Ry and I packed up and headed to Grammy's house Friday afternoon.  When we got there she enjoyed putting on a little concert for me, reading with Grammy, and basically being Papa's shadow.  This kid LOVES her Grammy and Papa, and asks to go to their house pretty much every other day.


Another day filled with fun hanging out with Papa and Grammy.  There was a little guitar serenade bright and early.  Ryann began to discover the joys of large boxes.  She was so worn out from all the fun that I had to wake her after a three hour nap, which of course made her goofy.  Papa and I took Ryann on her first paddle boat ride.  And the goober tried to fit herself inside a puzzle box.

I've pretty much started exclusively using instagram (you can find me @thedomesticwannabe) for my phone photos now.  I can't decide if I want to switch back and forth between hipstamatic or not.  Most days I don't see the need, but then I think some of the photos from hipstamatic look better quality because I actually have to compose the shot in the little square.  I know I can do that from instagram, but I have been liking the convience of just popping open my phone camera and editing the picture later.  Hmmm....

I also wanted to share a random instagram tip.  For the life of me I can not remember where I saw this (if you have seen it before please let me know where, I'd love to give credit where credit is due!).  Anyway, you can double process your photos.  Sometimes I love the black and white, and sometimes I think it looks a bit stark.  Or my photo is too dark for it (in my opinion) and throwing another filter on top can lighten it up.  The photos on the left were done with just the black and white filter, the ones on the right I went back and processed them again with 'sierra'.


I'm sure a lot of you have already figured that little trick out, but I just thought I'd share!

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Stephanie Doyle said...

Cute pics, especially her first ponytail!!!

Sharstin said...

what a great week--lots of fun shenanigans~ love her lil pony

Ashley said...

Little pony tails are the best... just wait till you do pig tails! :)

Lane said...

Where did you find that cute bench cushion? Loving those colors!