March 26, 2012

i want winter back.

That is totally a lie.  I don't want winter back.  But yesterday Jill and I went for a long run at 10:30 in the morning, I don't think it was even 70 when we started.  And it felt like a MILLION degrees.  I was in a sleeveless top and capris and absolutely sweating like crazy.  I even came home with a bit of a sunburn.

We decided to put in 9 miles.  The last time either of us had done a serious long run, was the last time we had ran together (um, which turns out to be about a month ago, whoops!).  So I was expecting it to be a little rough.  But honestly, I think had it not been quite so warm we would have been just fine.  Actually Jill was fine, I'm the one who thought I was going to die and made us take a couple of walk breaks between miles 6 and 8.  But we still finished 9 miles with a 9:07 pace.  I'll take it.

Next time though?  I'm going to remember to bring a towel to sit on in my car.  I was disgusting.  Eew.

Honestly, when winter first started, running in the cold terrified me.  I really hate being cold, and absolutely hate winter for the most part.  We lucked out with a much much milder winter than usual, but I still had a couple of runs in under 30 degree weather.  And surprisingly I'll take that misery over running in the heat any day.  If it is cold you just add another layer.  Run a little faster, just get it over with.

In the heat (I can't believe I'm considering 70 heat... I'm terrified for the summer)...  Well... What can you do?  Run before the sun is up I suppose.  But sometimes that doesn't work out.  Especially if I am going by myself, I am kind of too chicken to be out in the dark alone.  I'm considering getting a camelbak backpack for long runs.  Anyone out there have experience with one?

Tell me warm climate runners, what do you do to deal with the heat?


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The Bignon Family said...

I always carry water with me year round if I am running more than 3 or 4 miles. I have tried all sorts of things but I like the Nathan handheld water bottle the best. In the summer I run in the morning. You don't have to go while it is still dark, just right after the sun comes in HOT-lanta it is still always cool for that first hour of daylight- in June and July that means running between the hours of 6 and 7 am. I am a baby too and don't run in the dark alone unless I am staying in my neighborhood. And then I use reflective arm bands (they are like slap braclets)...also made by Nathans. It was 85 last weekend at the end of the GA about brutal!!

Jennifer said...

I don't do well in the heat either. My pace really suffers so you should be proud that you managed to keep that up! I carry a water bottle with me for runs longer than 5 miles.

Shauna said...

Isnt that funny how that happens, as the seasons change? At the first sign of Fall, we will think its freezing again too ;)

Just stumbled upon your blog!

Anonymous said...

We use camelbacks when we are four-wheeling & they are awesome. It's so easy to pop the mouth piece in your mouth and not stopping!

I am encouraged by your blog {especially cute Ryann!}. I was never a runner & your blog really helps me to stay motivated and pushing through the tough days I have! I can't wait until I can even run a mile consecutively. Great job!!

a happy mamma said...

i hear ya lady!

i live in AZ where it's recently been almost 90 degrees on some days and has been pretty much in the upper 70's, mid 80's all winter and it sucks to run in it...and it's not even summer yet. EEEK!

Amber said...

Wow, how similar our blogs were this week. I too struggled with running in the heat (I wasn't dressed properly). I am NOT looking forward to the heat and will have to run early or late to get them done. Or on the dreadmill. Blergh!

Jocelyn said...

I hear you, Ashley. In St. Louis, even running at 5:30am in the summer leaves me gasping for air, as the humidity is often times wicked and the temperatures are still in the 80s, not having truly cooled from the day before. The windows of shops - hours from opening - are steamed, and it's hard to like running. I'm hoping to battle the heat by running with a neighbor a couple of times a week so that we can motivate each other with the 5:30am humid wake up calls. I don't have a gym membership, but I hope to supplement my summer workouts with lap swimming and using a few groupons for classes throughout the summer. Good luck!

Genevieve said...

I have always wondered about this too! I don't do well in the heat, so I can imagine running mile after mile in it! Props to those who do!

The camelbak sounds like a great idea! Good for you for still sticking with your run in the heat. :)

Mary Helen said...

I just got done doing a super hot race on St. Patrick's Day weekend and my lifesavers were by Nathan Intensity pack and then wearing a wide headband that I could dip in water and then put back on. It felt AMAZING once the temperatures got around the 80s. I will definitely start doing that for my long runs once I start training again in a few months. Good luck beating the heat!

Sharstin said...

yes i hav a little 2 liter camelback i take for the long runs--i like it so much more than the belts--it's light and perfect. Yes, running in the beating sun can kick your trash fast!:)