December 20, 2012

embrace the camera

I used to be really good at embracing the camera.  Regularly having Chris take 'nice' pictures of Ryann and I.  But then I started working out more and started getting dressed in real clothes less and in general it seemed too much of a hassle to make Ryann take a picture with me.

But the time left of just me and her?  It's getting shorter and shorter.  For over two and a half years she has been my partner in crime.  My little sidekick.  My baby.  I'm so excited for our new little one to join the family, but every time I think about Ryann not being my only I tear up.  How is it that you can want two things so badly?  I want our family to grow, I want another baby to snuggle, I want Ryann to have siblings to play with.  But it just being me and Ry?  Sometimes that is pretty dang awesome.  I love her so much.  SO much.  I feel terrible because she has no idea how much we are going to rock her world in just a couple of months.  I think she is going to be an amazing big sister.  It will be tough at first, but she has so much to give.  And I know she will love her little sis so much.  She already does.

But the thought of it not being just me and my little buddy anymore.  Oy.  It can be a tough one to swallow.  So I am determined to capture a little bit of just the two of us over the next eight weeks.  Soak up all that I can and record it.  I've been TRYING to remember to ask Chris to snap a picture of us here and there.  I'm not great at it, but sometimes I remember.  I think we need to play the beep game a few times.  And take too many terrible iphone pictures.  I don't want to forget this time when it was just me and Ry.


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Chantel Klassen said...

These photos are precious! I love the "getting dressed in real clothes less" -guilty there! It's nice to see you are also making a point to get in front of the camera!

Danielle Huddleston said...

You are so cute! Congrats! Enjoy it!

Kelley said...

I remember this EXACT same feeling. I now have two and let me tell you, there's nothing better! I also recall thinking, how will I love the next as much as the first? You'll do great. Also, you and your daughter are beautiful!!

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Ashley@MarriedLane said...

Such sweet photos. It is good to remember times when it was just the two of you, but when there three I promise you won't want it any other way. My kids are just 17 months apart, so my time with just Emma was short. Now that Jack is 17 months old himself, we can't imagine life without him! My advice to you is to take advantage of as much "me time" as you can... that only gets more precious the more you have!!

maria said...

Aww, so beautiful! Enjoy your last few weeks of just you and her!

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way. I can tell you now my oldest does not remember a day without his little sister. I still spent one on one time with my oldest at first, now they don`t want to be apart.

Randi Stones said...

I sobbed the night before I had Lucy and the night before we brought her home from the hospital for that very reason. I loved Charlie so much and I was mourning the loss of "just us."