December 11, 2012

that's what she said

Ryann:  "I don't want a dinosaur glitter party.  I want an ocean party."
Me:  "But I've gotten excited for a dinosaur glitter party!   Come on!"
Ryann:  "Ocean party."
Me:  "But we could have glitter everywhere!"
Ryann:  "Everywhere?  Like even all over the ceiling?"
Me:  "Ok maybe not the ceiling.  I don't think we could get it up there."
Ryann:  "If you got a steppy stool you could reach the ceiling..."

Me:  "You can bring something in the car, but not a hanger.  Pick one of your smaller toys."
Ryann:  "But it's my exceptional bracelet!"

Ryann:  "MAX.  GET DOWN!"
Me:  "Yeah Max, get off the table."  Max moves to the couch.
Ryann:  "MAX!  GET!  DOWN!"
Me:  "Sweetie he can be on the couch or the chairs.  I just don't want him on the tables."
Ryann:  "I don't want him on the couch."
Me:  "Ry he can sit there.  I said it's ok, and I'm in charge."
Ryann:  "Hey, I'm in charge lady."  Ahem, no.

Christopher:  "What movie do you want to watch tonight?"
Ryann:  "Boogers Pickin'."
Christopher:  "Oh?  What's that movie about?"
Ryann:  "The history of the United States."
We haven't the faintest idea where she got that from.

Me:  fighting with Ryann about staying in her bed during nap time
Ryann:  arms crossed  "I am NOT getting in my bed until you let me have some books." 
and that is when I had to walk away and give up before I smacked my child.  two-year-olds, who the heck do they think they are??

upon first glance that may look innocent and cute, but I'm thinking mischievous and evil... :o)


Sandy said...

I am so with you right now! And, the parroting that is happening is a little out of control at our house. We need to be WAY more careful about what we say!

Expat Girl said...

Between her and my daughter I think the two of us could either write a really funny book or completely lose our minds!

Sweet As Boys said...

oh dear. that ryann is hilarious!

Cubbies and Nooks said...

"But it's my exceptional bracelet!" I love this girl.

Shea and Kay-Marie said...

I seriously love this! Your little girl is just as spirited as my two year old and dang it can be a challenge at times with their major "I am the boss" attitudes. But it is so good hearing that I am not the only one that has to walk away a few times a day from my two year old, because I am going insane. I feel like a bad mom, when my child acts out. But hearing from people like you that this is normal and totally not fun, is such a relief.