December 4, 2012

first world problems

You know when you shouldn't be upset about something, because in the grand scheme of life it isn't that big of a deal, but you are anyway?  That was 100% me the last couple of days.  Chris had to work a 24 hour shift starting 7am Saturday morning, meaning he had to sleep a good portion of the day on Sunday.  And then yesterday he had to take some residency applicants out to dinner, so he would essentially be gone from 7am-8:30pm, not seeing Ryann at all.  So we of course opted to come hang out with my mom.  First, this happened:

photo 1(7)

Being the idiot that I am, I somehow managed to leave the actual plug portion from my laptop charger in the wall.  Smooth move, right?  I definitely had a little pity party for myself.  I mean, what on Earth was I going to do without my laptop for THREE DAYS!?!?  End of the world, obviously.  Well being the sweetheart that my mother is, she went out and bought me a new charger to keep at their house as backup in case I ever forget mine or pulled something like that again.  She is way too nice to me, I'm aware.

Then when I got up to walk on their treadmill, the stupid thing wouldn't work.  It turns on and all, but when you push the start button?  Nothing.  Please ignore the fact that they also have an arc trainer (I hate that thing) plus plenty of other exercise equipment.  I was pissed that the treadmill wouldn't turn on.  And it is cold outside.  Usually that wouldn't bother me, but when you are restricted to mostly walking 35 degrees feels quite a bit different.  And I was just being irrational.  Of course.  Wah wah. 

Moving on.  My parents' internet tends to be ridiculously slow.  I was trying (relatively unsuccessfully) not to complain about it because my mom had been nice enough to get me the charger so that I could even use my computer, but I was frustrated.  By Monday I couldn't get the internet to work AT ALL.  On any computer.  My dad had gone out of town and I didn't know what to do.  Cue more pouting.  Later my mom noticed they had no phone line, which caused us to realize that the guys digging who knows what on the next street over must have cut the line.  After a while of some not so helpful automated phone conversations with AT&T, my mom was finally able to talk to a real person to let them know the service was out.  They said they would look into it and try to get service back by 5pm today.

Pity party number who knows what.  The reality is that Ry and I had a great weekend hanging out with my mom.  I shouldn't have let any of those 'issues' affect me.  But I did.  So stupid.  Thanks for taking such good care of us mom, sorry I'm such a whiner!

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Oy.  First world problems people.  First world problems.


Sandy said...

Hey, you are growing a human! You can get away with a lot!

Carrie said...

i'm 37 weeks pregnant and this is the story of my life! i'm normally so easy going and "everything happens for a reason" but these days i'm an emotional train wreck. i 100% feel for you. like seriously.

Nessa Bixler said...

24 hour shifts - is your husband a resident? Mine is a fellow - and those are tough. Really tough when you're tired and pregnant... I so understand.

Lakendra Wiltse said...

Well, what’s the use of a laptop if it doesn’t have power, right? It is sweet of your mother to buy a new charger for your laptop. At least, the next time you go to their place, you have a spare and won’t have to worry about not being able to use your laptop.

Lakendra Wiltse said...

I instantly fell in love with your mom! I like it that she considers even your technological needs. Not all moms would store a laptop charger in case you need it, given that you already have a family of your own. Moms’ instincts are really cool! Next time, however, be more careful when pulling the plug. And by the way, I’m sure this difficult time of meeting with your husband’s schedule will pass. ;]