December 9, 2012

project 366 {week 49}


First, let us take notice of the fact that I am finally caught up on this little project.  THANK GOODNESS.  I wasn't sure I could convince myself to get it together, but I've hunkered down and poorly edited a slew of photos over the last couple of weeks.  Only three weeks left to go!

Ryann got to open the Little People Nativity Set as one of her advent activities.  She then proceeded to tie up the different figures with the string from her yo-yo and ask me to save them.  Oy.

This week she has become OBSESSED with drawing, coloring and writing letters.  Her brain seems to have exploded with some sort of fine motor development and understanding of making pictures and letters.  It has been crazy to watch.  The only problem?  She is her mother's daughter.  She is frustrated because she can't write all the letters or do it just write or draw a damn kitty cat when she wants to draw a kitty cat.  We keep tell her she is doing amazing and all this stuff just takes practice, but we eventually have to redirect her because she is so upset that she can't get it right.  Poor girl.

And quite possibly the highlight of my week was Ryann getting to meet Sarah's sweet little girl, Collins.  Ry is taking to babies more and more and it is making my heart explode.  She was just so sweet holding Collins.  We kept asking her if she wanted to be done and have Sarah take her back.  Nope, not at all.  She loved holding her.  Even when Collins immediately filled her diaper :o).  Later when Ryann talked about it she said, "I liked holding Baby Collins.  But she was a little squirmy!"  So freaking cute.  I can't wait to see her holding her sister.

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Sarah and Derek said...

So glad Ryann and Collins finally got to meet. Can't wait for baby girl to arrive so we can pass around the babies. Guess we'll have to share them with Ryann too :)