December 19, 2012

nursery design round two

Well, I was asked for a nursery update similar to the one I did when planning Ryann's nursery.  And since I really needed to get my butt in gear and actually make some more decisions on the nursery it seemed like an excellent idea.  So ask and you shall receive!  Here is the current direction I'm going in for the nursery...


1.  Quaterfoil Shade Pendant.  The fabric we are using for the crib bumpers (see #11) has some gold threads woven through it, so I really thought it would be fun to incorporate some gold in the room.  I found an awesome light via a google image search, only to find out it costs $4400.  Not happening.  But if anyone comes across something like that let me know!  Until then, I think this white pendant light is where we are going.

2.  Coral Tall Chevron Pillow Cover.  Snagged a 14x20 pillow cover in this fabric to use in the glider.

3.  Let's Pretend Artwork.

4.  Ruffle Rings Drapes.  Oh the curtains.  They are giving me such a hard time.  Well really I just can't find anything in the colors we are using that I like (surprise, why do I pick difficult colors?) that doesn't cost a million dollars.  So we decided to go white.  But now I'm wishing I would have made something like the ones in this room.

5.  Carnival Wall Art.

6.  Painted Frames.  Also from the room I linked above in the curtains section.  I like the alphabet print, and I think I'm going to use some of our accent wall paint to brighten up some frames and bring some color to the walls.

7.  Urban Lifetime Convertible Crib.  Same crib we had in Ryann's room.  She nicely gave it to her baby sister with little resistance.

8.  Luca Glider.  This baby should arrive at my house January 2nd.  It wasn't my first choice, but I think it will look really nice.  I was tired of the big poofy look of our other glider, so hopefully I can get it cleaned up and sold.

9.  Painted Dresser.  Love the look of a painted dresser, and think it will pop up against our white walls.  Now I just need to aquire a dresser.  I've found one that I think will work, but it is 40 minutes away, so I need to figure out checking it out in person and actually getting it before it sells to someone else.  Don't you think it would look nice in aqua with some fun knobs?

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 6.11.03 AM

10.  Ottoman Pouf.  I want something that can be moved out of the way easily, but can function as an ottoman.  A pouf seems like a great answer.  Haven't decided if I'll order one, or try to make one (which means have my mom make one...).  I really REALLY love the one in this room, but it was a TJ Maxx find, and I doubt I will find one like it.

11.  Paisley Minky Fabric and Floral Fabric.  The paisley minky I am hoping to have made into changing pad covers.  Nice and bright on my aqua dresser.  The floral fabric we are using for the crib bumpers.  Just need to find someone to make those too.  I would have loved to use more of that Caitlin Wilson fabric in the room, but it costs a pretty penny, so we had to pick one thing.

Edited to add:  I am completely aware that bumpers are not recommended in the crib.  With Ryann we had them in until she started rolling over and sleeping in her room at night.  Then we took them out until she was around 10 months old.  Bumpers or any other soft objects should not be in the crib with an infant.  But I do think the crib looks pretty with them, so when I personally feel it is safe they will be on there.  At about a year old Ryann started using hers as a pillow, plus she is one crazy sleeper, so the extra padding definitely helps.

12.  White Shag Rug.  We didn't actually purchase that one.  I couldn't find a white rug that I could see in person that was actually white and looked good.  So we went to a carpet store, picked out a sample and are having a section bound into a rug.  I can't wait until it's done!

As far as where we are at with the room right now?  Here is a little sneak peek...

probably should have taken those before the sun was blasting into the room...

The aqua accent wall is Botanical Tint by Behr, and we painted the white on white stripes using Sherwin Williams' Snow Fall in matte and high gloss.  The stripes are super subtle, but I LOVE them.  To paint the stripes first I decided how many stripes I wanted.  Then we measured the height of the wall, and divided that number by the number of stripes.  Chris then measured out the stripes starting from the top, and making tick marks where each stripe should start in a few places across the wall and in the corners.  Then Chris, my dad and I just lined some painters tape up, making sure the tape was outside the stripes the spaces we wanted high gloss (I guess the first step was to paint all our walls in the matte, whoops).  The stripes aren't perfect, but they are pretty dang close.  Because our walls aren't level or perfect, it was actually much more efficient to simply measure from the top as opposed to using a level.  The bottom stripe might be a little off, but you'd never know, and the stripes line up with the ceiling.

I still need to find a fabric for the crib skirt.  Stupid coral is tough to match!  Also in the search for some soft light grey crib sheets.  I know I can have them made, but honestly I'd prefer to just be able to find them in a store or online.  I like either a jersey cotton, a flannel or a minky or something.  Not a regular cotton.  So if you know of any please share them with me, or if you have an etsy seller you've used for crib sheets before.  I wish Pottery Barn would make Ryann's crib sheets in a grey.  I love those things.  I want to make some sort of giant 'E' (I'm such a tease :o) for above the crib, something like this would be gorgeous.  And I also will need some book storage in the room.  Just again, haven't figured out quite what I want.  But we are getting somewhere!

If you come across any coral, aqua or goldish items or artwork that you think would work great in Baby Sister's room definitely pass the info my way.  I'm always open to suggestions on stuff.  And let me know if you have any questions about the room or anything I've linked to above.  You can find more of my nursery inspiration on pinterest.

Happy Wednesday!


fifth house on the left | family blog said...

oh, i'm excited! :) that dresser would be gorgeous after you get your hands on it. the room is looking great and can't wait to hear the name!

Jenny said...

YES! I've been waiting for this post! =) I love the direction this nursery is going and I can't wait to see it all put together. Also, can't wait to find out the name! I was thinking it would be some Elle/Ella/Ellie sort of thing, but then I remembered Ryann's middle name...

Anyway, BAM! Here's a crib sheet for ya:

I wish they'd make those PB sheets in yellow. Or make our lives really easy, and make it in a coral that happens to match everything!

Anonymous said...

I would really advise you not to use bumpers. My doctor had told me not use them, because of the risk of sids and strangulation, I have 2 children now and both have not used bumpers and they did just fine without them. Of course it is up to you and who I am to tell you what to do, but I just thought I would warn you and you can always research it on your own.


Kate said...

great blog, love your inspiration board here-- Thank you so much for featuring my "Let's Pretend" print!!♥ off to share this on my facebook page


Sarah and Derek said...

LLOOOVVVEEEE it!!!I want those walls! Holy smokes who knew a light fixture could cost so much?! I still need to find one for Collins room. And something to hold books too!

That dresser would be perfect! Lots of drawers to hold lots of clothes :)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to Revival at 90th and Metcalf? They have tons of dressers like the one you pictured above, ready to be painted. Definitely check it out if you haven't already!