December 10, 2012

sore muscles and a goal

On Saturday I drug myself (and Ryann) out of the house before 8am so I could make it to the 50/50 group fitness class at the gym.  I was kind of tired, and I really didn't want to go, but I also wanted to get some strength training in and know that the next few weekends are going to be crazy.  So we went.

I got to the room, got my bench all set up, and was hanging out waiting for class to start.  And in walks the teacher for the class, a sub, and I knew I was in for it.  This girl amazes me.  She can teach three hour long classes in a row without missing a beat.  She never slacks off, and is just hardcore like that.  I really enjoy when she teaches, but I was slightly regretting my decision to come on this particular day :o).  Needless to say my arms are incredibly sore, but it feels good (kinda).

Moving on to my goal... While entering my workouts on dailymile this weekend I noticed my total mileage for the year:

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 6.08.41 AM

965.49 miles.  Say what?  Now that includes the bike, the elliptical, walking and running, but this year I have covered nearly 1000 miles.  Not too shabby, not too shabby at all (especially the fact that just over 700 of those miles have been running!).  Of course seeing that number so close to 1000, made me curious if I can actually hit 1000 miles for the year.  In theory it shouldn't be so hard.  When I hop on the treadmill to walk I usually cover 3 miles.  So if I can manage to walk 12 days out of the next 21, I'd get there.  BUT with the holidays and Chris's schedule getting crappy again, it might be tougher than I'm imagining.  I've got my fingers crossed that I can do it though!

Do you have any goals that you are working on before the end of the year?


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ACW said...

Wow! That is a HUGE feat! Congratulations! I'm proud that I've went over 100 :)

Libby said...

That is awesome!!! I think after this little one's born I'm going to start tracking workouts like this. I started walking/jogging (can I say running...I don't love running...ugh) this summer before I got pregnant and really did well until school started and I went back to work. I think I just need to make it a priority. Go for it mama! I think you can do it!

Nicole said...

That is amazing! You inspire me so much. I know you can hit 1000! Go girl!

JessF said...

I'm wondering how Daily Mile works. Do you enter it yourself? Im worried about how to log a walk/run on the treadmill. I was thinking maybe it was just asked on mileage but then I also noticed that your screenshot showed your fastest time. Did you look around before choosing to use this one or was it love at first site?