May 18, 2011

a day in the life - allison

Good morning blog world.  Another Wednesday that I am a tad bit behind, but I think you've come to expect it, right?  Anyway, I've got another slew of mommies lined up to share a peek at their day.  I hope you enjoy meeting Allison today!

Hello I’m Allison and I’m giving you a little insight into a typical Monday of mine.  I live in Texas with my husband and my 13 month old boy Jaxson.  I am a full time mom that just happens to work a 40 hour week outside of the home.  You can find us at

5:45 am: Somewhere in the not so far distance I can hear my alarm ringing.  Ugh it’s Monday!  Jaxson has had trouble sleeping the past 2 weeks and last night was no different.  I close my eyes for what I thought was just 2 more minutes...
6:14 am:  I hear my alarm again and I also feel a little foot pressing against my back.  This is just another small reminder that Jaxson slept in our bed again last night.  I stumble down the stairs to my first cup of absolutely glorious coffee.  I’m always so thankful for my programmable coffee pot.  Some people take their pot for granted; however, I love the fact that I don’t have to wait 7 minutes for my morning jolt.

6:30 am:  I’m out of the shower and try to wake up Jaxson and my husband, Landon.  I change Jaxson’s diaper and send the boys downstairs for some breakfast while I put on my makeup and blow dry my hair.
7:00 am:  I get Jaxson dressed for daycare while Landon gets himself ready to go to work.  We play around for 5 minutes or so before going downstairs to head off to work/daycare.  
7:35 am:  Landon leaves to bring Jaxson to daycare and to go to work.  I scramble around the house trying to pick up toys, books, dirty clothes, etc.  I feel like my house will never look the same but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

7:40 am: I’m off to work.  I am an Admissions Advisor/Scholarship Coordinator at our local college.  This time of year is extremely busy with registration for the upcoming summer and fall semesters.
12:30 pm: I run home for lunch and throw a load of laundry in the washing machine.  I glance around at my oh-so-quiet house and toy with the idea of a quick power nap……the idea quickly vanishes knowing that there is nothing quick about a chance to take a nap.

5:00 pm:  I try to tie up loose ends to get out of my office.  Landon picks up Jaxson from daycare everyday so I don’t have to rush to get him by 5:30.  I get a phone call from Landon saying Jaxson is going to have a nice black eye tomorrow.  Apparently my Bulldozer only knows one speed, FAST!  He goes so fast that he tripped over his feet and went face first into a toy.  This will be one of many black eyes I’m sure.

5:30 pm-6:00 pm:  Landon cooks dinner for us while I go on an evening run.  I started doing Weight Watchers back in February to help me loose the last little bit of baby weight I had hanging around and I’ve been doing really well with the program.  One thing it’s helped me accomplish is getting my exercising in during the week.  Everyone knows that handling a small child, along with the daily activities called “life” makes it tough to fit in exercise.  I at least try to run 2 miles 4 days a week.  Thanks to my husband, I’ve been able to do this.  After my run I get Jaxson his dinner.  He has decided that he doesn’t LOVE vegetables anymore.  I’ve been warned this day would come and I’m afraid we’ve reached it.  I am researching creative ways to hide his veggies with his food.  Something clever I have found is making chicken nuggets for him.  I blend grilled chicken, whatever the veggie-of-the –day is and some breadcrumbs in the food processer and bake.  So far so good!

By 8:00 pm: I’ve done 2 loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen.  Jaxson has torn every book off of his bookshelf, taken almost every toy out of the toy box downstairs, and tormented our poor little Chihuahua, Salem.  I take him upstairs to get a bath while Landon picks up the living room.  My child loves his bath time but he very much dislikes having to put on pajamas.  As my sister-in-law once referenced my niece about the same subject, “It’s like having to wrestle an alligator”!  Jaxson is no exception.  I struggle to get the pajamas on and let him play in his room for a couple of minutes while I get myself ready for bed.
8:45 pm:  Jaxson, Landon, and I are snuggled up in bed watching Dancing with the Stars.  Jaxson likes to clap when everyone in the audience claps.  It’s pretty hilarious.  I’ve tried working with Jaxson to get him to fall asleep in his room but I’m struggling and so is he.  He has major separation anxiety at night, on top of the fact that he is cutting teeth right and left.  
9:30 pm: Landon is asleep, snoring along with Jaxson.  I try to move Jaxson into his crib without waking him up.   Turns out its impossible.  Looks like another night with 2 feet sticking me in the back. 

What is the most surprising thing about being a mom?
As cliché as it sounds, I think the most surprising thing is how much love and emotional attachment I feel for this tiny person.

What are some tips or advice you would give to new or soon-to-be mamas?
Know that there is no right way or wrong way of parenting.  I worry every day that I’m not doing something good enough to help Jaxson grow in the way I want him to.  Also, throw all expectations out the window. 

What are your top three baby products?
  1. Gerber Yogurt Bites.  They are his candy.
  2. Nuk Pacifiers.  Jaxson didn’t take one at first but now we don’t leave home without it. 
  3. Baby Bottom Butter.  Our local pharmacy makes it in house and it works wonders on diaper rash and lower region irritations on Jaxson.
Thank you so much for sharing your day with us Allison! 

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Gia said...

Hi Ashley! I was wondering if I could participate in A Day in the Life?? I know you asked last week (maybe?) but I forgot! I love reading this series to see how other mommies make it work!