May 15, 2011

videos and more

Ok some of you out there have requested videos of the wee one.  So I'm finally getting around to posting some.  I had been wanting to upload videos off my nice camera, but I'm too lazy to get them in iMovie and edit them right now, and there are several videos on my iPhone, so that is what you get.  They are maybe a bit long and random.  But at least now you can get a glimpse at some of her chattiness and skills.  Unfortunately the one video where I have her saying a ton of words is corrupted.  Go figure.

We must of been making this video to send to my mom...  Ryann got this book called Shake A Leg from her Grandma Anita.  In it there is a page that says make a muscle.  We've been working on it here and there :o).  Please excuse Chris belching in the background...

This one is kind of random, and she obviously didn't really want to participate.  But oh well.  You get a little bit of Old McDonald (I know you appreciate my singing skills), some animal noises, and a short introduction to Pablo.  Somehow one of the Little People got named that, and Ryann will be walking around the house saying "Pabo Pabo!"

It has been a little chiller the last couple of days, and none of us really like being stuck in the house.  So we go to places like Target and Babies 'R Us and let Ryann wander the toy aisles.  Apparently hanging out with all the toys just makes her want to dance.

Ryann has a pair of pajamas that say daddy's girl, and yesterday I taught her to say it.  Unfortunately she was all done sitting in her high chair when I decided to take this video, but you can kind of hear her say it at the beginning.  And then she freaks out.  Oops.

A couple people have commented asking about how/why Ryann talks so much, if we do anything special, etc.  Honestly?  I have no idea.  I talk to her a lot, but I don't think it is excessive, nor do I purposely force myself to talk all day long just so she will learn words.  Really I believe that is counterproductive, because she would start tuning out the sound of my voice (which I think she already does on a regular basis :o).  She points at stuff and I tell her what it is, I name the objects I'm using or the things I'm doing.  Part of that is because I'm hoping she'll learn, and part of it is really, just because she is the only one I have to talk to, and I don't want to spend all day in silence!

I've mentioned before that I did spend three or so years working in childcare, with over a year of that being in a room to 1-2.5 year olds.  So I have picked up a thing or two about talking and teaching kiddos her age.  She loves books, me singing songs (why I have no idea :o), and when I tell her about things, so that is what we do.

I swear I'm not trying to brag, but I do think her language skills are above average.  So please please please don't freak out if your little one isn't saying as much as I say she is.  And remember, when thinking about the words your twelve to eighteen month old or so says, it doesn't necessarily have to be an adult word, and not everyone around them might understand it.  But if your kiddo is saying the same thing in reference to a certain item, that is their word for that item.  For example, whenever Ryann sees a vacuum, she says 'um'.  Obviously that isn't vacuum, but EVERY time she sees or hears a vacuum she says it.  So that is her word for vacuum.

Whew.  Ok Happy Sunday :o).


B Walker said...

SO cute! Love all the videos. :)

Kelly said...

She really is a smart girl! I love seeing your posts because it reminds me of all the fun things I can practice with Carter ;)

Allison H. said...

Hey Ashley - Not in relation to your post.... though these videos are super adorable :)... a friend recently passed on a link to a blog and I am starting the follow them. I thought of you instantly when I checked it out. It's mostly about home renovations and raising their one year old. Looks like you may have some in common :) Their style is very similar to yours too! Check it out here:

Erin said...

Loved the videos! I'm always so impressed with toddlers like Ryann that will sometimes "perform" with their tricks :) Annie definitely is more in the "completely ignore us" camp - ha! While of course I think it's important to talk to babies and read and all that, among most involved parents, there really is little that we can do or say to "make" our kids do anything before they are ready to do it. Some kids just talk more, and that's all there is to it - it doesn't make them better or smarter in the long run, they just are earlier to narrate their thoughts out loud than others. It's really sad (and I've done it too) when parents start to think that something that they have done or haven't done is negatively impacting their kid's development because that just usually is not true at all. We're all doing the best we can and after 4-5, I'm guessing you won't be able to tell the difference between who talked early or not :)

Erin said...

Oh, and I didn't mean my comment to sound like you think Ryann is smarter or better than anyone - it was mostly to other parents watching these videos and doing the comparison game that is so easy to do!! Sorry if I came off wrong!

Brenna said...

Great videos. My lil man is not nearly talking as much- he has like 3 words at almost 14 months that he is consistent with. Yet he is all boy- was walking, running, kicking, throwing by 10 months and now climbing on the couch at 14 months. Just like a man- no interest in conversation! lol
Wanted to tell you- you inspired me Ashley! I started the C25K today and loved it!!!

Sharstin said...

these videos are adorable--lil Ry is a doll!