May 8, 2011

mother's day

I've had quite the amazing mother's day weekend.

For my birthday and mother's day, my freakishly amazing husband scheduled spa treatments for me and three of my friends.  Really?  Really.  Oh, and he got us a giftcard to a tasty restaurant.  So I got to spend a little over three hours relaxing and hanging out with my friends yesterday.  It was beyond amazing.  I love that guy (and my friends, and my mother-in-law who also helped make it happen :o).  Yesterday evening we ate burgers and hung out with my bestie and her hubby.

This morning Ryann didn't exactly do me the favor of sleeping in, but it's ok.  Ryann and Chris came to cheer on at the Mother's Day 5K.  More on that tomorrow, but I made it!  I ran the whole thing.  Which of course made me pretty amped for quite a while.  Chris's mom joined us for lunch at Panera, and then we took a walk around a park.  Ryann and I both took afternoon naps.  Chris took Ry on some errands so I could clean the house in peace (the things that make me happy are ridiculous these days).  We had dinner.  Played a bit.  Ryann went to bed.  I watched Desperate Housewives.  I'm going to eat some ice cream :o).  All in all a great weekend.

I'm so thankful for the little girl who made me a mommy.  She has taught me so much about life and myself, and has truly made my heart whole.


I am also very thankful for the woman who taught me so much about being a mother.  I love you so very much mom!

Scan 2

And you've got to love that photo right?  Sorry mom, it was one you sent me, so I figured it was fair game to share on the interwebs.  Love you!


B Walker said...

Happy Mother's Day Ashley! The pictures you put up are adorable!!!! :o)

Serenia Stegner said...

happy mothers day ashley! girly i can tell you are fast-tracking weight look awesome (not that you didn't before, err, you know what i mean, right?)!

love the pics!

Sharstin said...

You are such a cute mom! Happy mothers day, and awesome job on the 5k, you look fantastic:)

Brenna said...

Great job on the 5K friend!!!
Sadly- some peace and quiet on Mommys day is perfect!! lol

Jeane said...

Very sweet post!!!

And VERY pretty pictures!