May 12, 2011

embrace the camera

The other day I got Ry dressed and ready to go out of the house with her daddy, a blue tank top and some little striped shorts.  And then I freaked because I thought she looked like a boy.  BUT, I managed to sneak a little bow in her hair (there is finally just enough to hold it in, and not look completely ridiculous)!


So yesterday I put it on her again to see if I could get her to leave it.  It did last for almost two hours before she really found it.  Which surprised me because I decided to take some mirror pictures.  She of course was distracted by the fact that there was a bow in her hair.  Seriously, she was a little confused, pointing at the mirror saying hair bow, and then yelling at me because I kept telling her to smile at the mirror.


I thought she looked like such a big girl yesterday.  Seriously.  It almost made me cry a bit.

Chris had to force her to stand still for a second so I could take her picture

When did she find the bow?  If you're happy and you know it clap your hands... if you're happy and you know it shout hooray!


And then she yanked it out.  Oh well.


Brenna said...

I miss little girl dresses!!!

Amber said...

So adorable! I love the last shot, and you look GREAT!!

Nicole said...

She is a cutie with or without the bow. I also miss dressing my little girl in dresses. Especially little sundresses. She is 11 now and doesn't like sundresses. Boo to her. *lol* Enjoy every little minute while she is a baby.

Lisa said...

My 2 yr old tries to bite me if I put cute things in her hair. Rage! Ry looks adorable.

Brandii Nicole said...

i just stumbled on your blog today, but i am contsantly self concious of whether my little girl looks like a boy or not too. I believe it stems from people that don't bother to look and just spout out is your baby a boy or a girl? and then I want to shake my head and say did you miss all of the pink?

Either way ... She is adorable!

Hope to see you stumble my way sometime as well


Crys said...

She's so cute! Love it! yeah my little girl will rarely keep her bows in. I have to do piggy tails now.