May 28, 2011

week in iphone pics

I did this once or twice before, and then wasn't consistent with the pictures I was taking on the iphone, so I gave up.  BUT, this week I actually captured quite a bit of happenings, so I thought I'd go ahead and link up with Amy.

Monday  ::  After having a little pity party for myself, I skipped my run and went on a long paddle boat ride with the hubby instead.  Grammy, Ry and I took a trip to WalMart for a life jacket and some puzzles.  Ryann still hated swimming.  My mom helped me make belly bands for an invitation set.

Tuesday  ::  I did go for a run on Tuesday.  And when I was just about home I caught up with my mom and Ryann on a walk.  Ryann was just chillaxin'.  My mom taught me how to make an omelet (spinach and mushroom with egg whites!).  Printing printing printing envelopes.

Wednesday  ::  We spent time in the basement watching the weather, while tornadoes threatened all around us.  Thank goodness there were some toys down there.  Ryann got to try some lime sherbet, she was baffled by its deliciousness.  Crazy bath hair.  I enjoy a weight watchers chocolate raspberry bar.  Yum.

Thursday  ::  Love me some morning baby (even though I would love sleeping in too).  Post run, 5.5 miles.  BAM.  I apparently didn't learn the omelet making skills.  Not so much at all.  Ryann's current favorite face.  Left the house by myself and got my hair did.

Friday  ::  More morning baby loving on some books.  We did a little mall shopping, nobody freak, I bought shorts!  Ryann was for some reason, enthralled with putting her sippy in the cup holders.  A little trip to Target, my hip needs some Aleve!  Giving the 'bibit' a hug.  Grandma 'Nita stopped by, of course with some clothes for the wee one.  That kid never has anything to wear :o).  Testing out the headband that came with an outfit, I was amused (so cute!), she was not.

Our week in a nutshell.  Link up with your phone photos here!


Amy Nielson said...

wow! 5.5 miles? i'm impressed! :)

Karis Brandes said...

I love the feet up in the stroller. Both my girls do that too!

Sharstin said...

such cute picts girly~

Jeane said...

Cute pics :-)

And 5.5 miles?! WOW... that is awesome! For some reason I am stuck with 3.1 miles.