May 26, 2011

embrace the camera

Apparently my plans for spending at least 40% of these warmer months by my parent's pool aren't good ones.  My child who loves baths, HATES the swimming pool.  She seriously tries to climb as high as she can on you, and oh man, if you even think of detaching her legs from around your body.  Torture.  Pure torture.  I really hope she warms up to it.  I LOVE hanging out by the pool.

it was really bright, no matter which way we turned.
and don't worry, she was slathered in sunscreen, and we were outside less than 30 minutes.

Seriously, how cute is her little swimsuit (from The Children's Place)?  I knew we had to have some practical swimsuits (meaning, some that actually cover her precious pasty white skin), so I am very thankful for adorable little rashguards.


We um, forgot to bring a swim diaper.  Regular diapers fill up fast!  She definitely had some junk in the trunk :o).


We are headed to my parent's vacation home in Georgia soon, and I hear there is a zero entry pool nearby.  I'm crossing my fingers that if she can walk in to it on her own time, maybe she'll like the pool.  Seriously.  She has to!


Mrs. Ronso said...

Two things - first, cute swimsuit! Ryann's too but I am talking about yours. Where did you find it? Second, we bought our daughter a little floaty thing and she likes it. Not really a fan of the pool if we hold her but she seems to like the floaty thing.

I think it was like 15 bucks at Babies 'r Us. Kind of like this one from Amazon:

Hope that helps! I wish it was sunny enough here (in WA) to go swimming!

Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

Your swimsuit is adorable! Like Mrs Ronso, I want to know where you got it!

Rebecca said...

I must have that swimsuit!

Eva said...

I love that it's finally pool season! Cute photos!

Kelly said...

Hahaha- We're all on the same page. Where is your cute suit from? I'm not sure where in Georgia you are headed but if you're interested in a blogger meet up let me know!! We'd love to meet you guys!

tracy said...

so funny...the first thing i thought was, "i love your swimsuit" i see i wasn't the only one! great pictures and both suits are great!

Jami said...

That swimsuit is the cutest ever! but oh no, she can't hate the pool, booo. good thing she's so cute ;)

Ashley D. said...

You know, my daughter HATED the swimming pool from 9 months until about 13 months old. I don't remember when the switch from terrified to LOVING the water occurred, but I remember how overjoyed I was when she finally started enjoying the water, because we are BIG swimming pool people. My biggest encouragement for you is to just hang in there, and you are right to let her try to get used to it on her own time. That's what we did with my daughter and it seemed to work really well, but it didn't happen over night. But, she is now two and she LOVES the water. LOVES it! Although, we are phasing in on the "I-hate-to-wash-my-hair-phase", which is also super fun! :)

P.S. Cute swim suit, girl! :)

Ashley said...

For all of you wanting to know, the swimsuit is from Old Navy!!

Katie said...

My first thought was how cute your swimsuit was and laughed when I saw how many others were thinking the same thing. I searched and looked at my local store today and didn't find it, boo! Is it new or older?

Ashley said...

Weird. I just got on Old Navy online and nope it isn't on there. I just bought it last month, so it is from this season. Maybe it was just that good! Really, it is too bad, the fit is pretty awesome and comfortable.