May 3, 2011

thirteen months

Bah.  Thirteen months.  Really?  Oy.  I just came to terms with the fact that she was actually one.  And now she is already a few days past thirteen months.  How does time fly by like that?


Who knows how tall this little girl is, or how much she weighs any more.  I've decided I'll just figure it out at doctor's appointments, seeing as I usually am pretty off anyway.  She can still wear the Carter's 12 month clothing, but honestly most everything that she has in that size, I was sick of seeing.  So we have been putting her in the 18 month stuff (and the 12-18 month Gap and Old Navy clothes).  They are a little big, but I love all of her cute new spring and summer clothes.  Still rockin' the size four diapers and shoes.  I think we will be for quite some time.


Ryann's sleeping habits seem to have no rhyme or reason.  On Sunday she woke up at 6, refused to take a nap at 9:15, slept from 1ish to 2:30, and went to bed around 7:30.  Yesterday she slept in the car for about 45 minutes on our way home at 9, and then napped from 2:15 until 5:00.  She fell asleep for the night just after 8:30 and woke up at 6:30 this morning.  Today she easily took two 90 minute naps in her crib.  It is a guessing game everyday whether or not she will take one or two naps.  One nap is really rough on her so I still like offering two, but I also hate that she gets really worked up if she decides she doesn't want to sleep.


I'm going to again blame these ridiculous sleep habits on teething.  So maybe when she is done teething we will have an awesome sleeper, right?  Ha.  Ry has seven teeth that are fully in, another one coming through on the bottom, and two molars poking through on top.  Those molars look PAINFUL.  They are huge, and so are her red swollen gums.  She is taking it better than I had expected, but has actually communicated that she is in pain.  She will point to her mouth and say ouch, or frantically point at the Tylenol bottle and whine or freak out, I think she really does know that the magic red juice helps some of the pain go away.  And don't worry, we don't dose her up every time she asks.  Only if it has been the appropriate amount of time and she seems like she really needs it.


Baby girl doesn't get bottles anymore.  The first three were easy to drop and disappeared right around her first birthday.  We just moved breakfast up in the morning, and replaced the others with a snack.  The bottle before bed hung on a little longer, mostly because Chris and I were scared about how Ryann would react when that one went away.  But when we noticed how much more attached she became to that last bottle when the others were missing, we decided we had to do it quick.  Ryann actually took it pretty well.  We just hand her a sippy cup of milk when we are reading bedtime stories.  She will usually drink a little bit, but doesn't seem to care about it too much.  That was a huge relief.


Ryann's favorite food items are 'back-berries', 'ah-mal crackers', 'aw-fles' and, uh, ketchup.  I'm pretty sure we could get her to eat anything if we dipped it in ketchup.  I was trying to convince her to eat chicken nuggets and veggie tots, and the ketchup did the trick.  She also really loves saltines with peanut butter, and really any type of cracker.  One night we were up at 3am because her teeth were driving her crazy.  In between sobs and pitiful sighs she would look up at me and ask for a cracker.  It was hard not to laugh.


Ry has turned into quite the little walker.  She loves to walk everywhere now.  If you put her down in a store, I swear it is sheer happiness for her, just seeing where she can wander.  I honestly think she waited until she was 100% confident before she decided to go fully mobile.  Even though she can be a wee bit wobbly at times, she really went from crawling 75% of the time to walking 95% of the time in a matter of days.  Now she only crawls for a bit if she falls, and will stand back up as soon as she is close enough to pull up on something.  She can get to a standing position unassisted, but she usually chooses not to.


Ry is obsessed with the Little People toys.  She is usually carrying at least one little character around the house with her.  I swear she is obtaining a Little People army.  And she will leave the little guys in such random places.  The other day there was a monkey in my bathroom, I've come across a farmer in the diaper bag (not super random, but I didn't put him there), a sheep in my bedroom.  Yesterday she brought a couple of them to the table for breakfast.  After I buckled her into the high chair she reached up and set them on the table in front of her.  Too cute, her little friends.


As I mentioned last week, her vocabulary is always growing.  I should clarify, she doesn't use all of these words in context, and some of them are parroted, and several only Chris and I understand.  But the parroted words she repeats every time she hears them, and about twelve times after she hears them.  Some words I forgot to include in my list were aw-fle (waffle), up, ow-wol (owl) and rock (when she wants you to rock in a rocking chair).  The word of the day today was glasses.  She pointed them out everywhere 'gasses! gasses!'.  So cute.  I also LOVE when she says please.  Her sign language for please is too freaking cute, even though I have no idea how she came up with it.  Sometimes she will even say please unprompted when she really wants something.  Oh, she also calls this light up chick (Easter decoration) Guy, and carries it around.  I have no idea why she calls it Guy.


Our little baby is seriously growing up so fast.  She will grab my iPhone and say dance, wanting me to play some music.  When she gets excited about doing something she will bounce up and down saying 'yeah! yeah! yeah!'.  She knows exactly what she wants.  She throws pathetic little tantrums when stuff doesn't exactly go her way.  She loves to ride her bike and go on walks.  She sings her own version of Old McDonald.  She knows several animals noises.  She loves to tickle people, and the cats.  She loves her 'mammy'.  She likes watching Toy Story.  She enjoys putting on a show.


Oh crazy little thing.  Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know. 


Brenna said...

So jealous of all she is saying! My lil man willbe 13 months in a week, he says like 3 words and not consistently... such a boy. He is more interested in running, kicking, throwing etc... has lil interest in talking! lol

Our Family of Four said...

She is so cute! I will tell you that their vocabulary gets bigger as they grow and may even surprise you a bit. My daughter is 3 and a half and she blows my mind away sometimes.

Karlene said...

Your daughter is too cute! Love reading your updates. My son is about the same age and seems so much younger developmentally for some reason! Makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong. I'm a quiet person by nature so I always wonder if that is hindering my son from learning how to talk. Is there anything you feel helped her learn how to say words? Do you feel like you talk a lot to her?

Kalen said...

I need videos! ;) She's one of my favorite "internet babies" to watch grow up because of her cute faces and I've never forgotten the video in her jumper where her legs are going crazy - still makes me laugh when I think about it!

She's a doll, and I love that she has such a vocabulary! One smart little cookie.

Peppermint Bee said...

She is adorable. And, yes the months do fly by after 12. We are just about to 17!

Anonymous said...

Happy 13 months! Thanks for the info on transitioning to no bottles we will be working on this very soon.

Ashley said...

So fun!! she is looking more and more like a little lady!

Bri {collected} said...

Oh my gosh, the faces she makes are amazing. Haha. They even had Rilo laughing. Rilo has recently had a word explosion too. It literally happened one day...She just started repeating everything I said and then associating it to the word. Crazy!!