September 21, 2012

boy or girl?

First off, it is my mama's birthday, so send her all sorts of good vibes because she is the best.  Happy Birthday Mom!  We love you tons and I don't know how I would function without you.

Now, on to the boy or girl part... My ultrasound was today at 1:30.  Honestly I hadn't thought all that much about it, because I am so focused on Sunday, but it was so fun to see my little babe!  The question is, what did the tech write in the envelope?  Here are some of the oh so scientific ways of predicting the sex, along with which way it is leaning for me.


Are you carrying high or low?  Honestly, no clue, in the middle?
Is the heart rate above or below 140?  For the most part it has been in the 150's, girl.
Are you craving sweet or salty foods?  Meh, a combo of both, but for the most part sweet, girl.
Did your face break out like crazy?  OMG zits galore, girl.
Are you craving orange juice?  Yes, actually.  Apparently that means girl.
Did you have morning sickness?  Never puked, but I was very queasy for quite some time, girl.
Is your leg hair growing faster?  No, another one for girl.

My mom helped me do the ring test, and it swung back and forth.  I've found about 50/50 answers on websites whether that means it is a boy or a girl so...

Apparently according to the Mayans, if the mother's age and the year at the time of conception are both even or odd, it means girl, if one is even and one is odd it means boy.  So for me this means girl.

The Chinese gender chart says boy, but we are a little touchy in that one.  The odds are we conceived the last day of May, but also possible we did the first day of June, which would mean girl.  But apparently reading the questions above I need a nod for a boy so I'll give this one to the boys.

Some say kids have the best intuition, and Ryann is dead set on having a sister.

My intuition?  I've got nothing.  I'm going with boy, but I have no idea.

When I asked the tech if she was sure she knew boy or girl, she said it was obvious.  My initial reaction was that meant it was a boy, but she also printed me a shot of the legs from underneath where you "couldn't see anything", and I think I might see girl stuff.  But who the heck knows.  We will find out Sunday.  Oh, and for the record, today the heartbeat was 148, moving closer to that 140 cut off.

I've added a poll to the upper left sidebar, cast your vote!


Kim3278 said...

I voted for boy...:-) Can't wait to see your blog updated on Sunday (night)?

Former Fat Bride said...

Eek, I voted for boy..mostly because I want to see what you'd buy for a boy :) exciting!

Sarah and Derek said...

I voted boy but I can't decide!! ssooo anxious to hear what it is!

fifth house on the left | family blog said...

i voted boy too :) SO excited for sunday!! :)

Kelly said...

I had all the same results as you for the old wives tales...and despite that, this baby is definitely all boy! Have fun tomorrow! Can't wait for the post!!